The Challenge’s CT Tamburello reveals how Big T helped him on Double Agents

ct tamburello and big t fazakerley on the challenge double agents
Chris “CT” Tamburello with his Double Agents teammate Tula “Big T” Fazakerley. Pic credit: MTV

On Season 36 of The Challenge, Chris “CT” Tamburello is back for yet another season and forced to work with a female partner who isn’t a legend in the game just yet.

However, his partner Tula “Big T” Fazakerley is having a breakout season on the show and provides CT with useful skills that can help him succeed.

He recently discussed what working with Big T was like for him on The Challenge: Double Agents and why she is great for him as a partner.

CT explains why Big T is a great partner for him on Double Agents

During the February 4 episode of MTV’s Official The Challenge Podcast, CT was the featured guest. Host Tori Deal asked him to talk about what it was like to work with Big T on Double Agents since they each have “such different strengths” in the game.

“To me, she’s really doing more than me than I’m doing for her,” CT said, elaborating upon her social abilities.

“I feel like I’ve kind of been recluse, I guess, or introverted…There’s a lot of new cast members and a lot of new people on the show. On this season, she really helped me like build new relationships, and she’s really helped me adapt to the new style of game,” he explained.

CT also said he helped Big T with her confidence and took a lesson from his time being partnered with Veronica Portillo in a previous season.

“I’m not proud of the way I was a teammate with her,” CT said with regards to Veronica.

“I learned from that. If I had given Veronica the same sort of encouragement that I give Big T, I bet ya things would’ve ended up differently,” The Challenge vet added.

CT and Veronica were partnered up for MTV’s Final Reckoning season, and he was frequently frustrated by her lack of preparation physically. He’d make remarks about it often, which weren’t best for team morale.

On Double Agents, CT originally started the game with Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell, but she was defeated in elimination in just the first episode. That made CT a Rogue Agent, and Big T became his new teammate by default after her original partner, rookie Joseph Allen, lost in elimination an episode later.

CT frustrated with Big T in a recent episode

Despite what CT described about Big T, viewers saw him show frustration in Double Agents Episode 8. Early in the episode, he stopped by to give Nam and Lolo Jones some advice when they were trying to get on the same page. CT brought up in a confessional interview being frustrated with not being able to get his Gold Skull and mentioned Big T.

Later on, their team was in the final round of the daily mission and had to battle against Kam Williams and Kyle Christie.

The mission involved battling inside a mud pit to be the first to wrestle a Challenge relic away from one’s opponent. CT had to face Kyle and win, while Big T would have to defeat Killa Kam.

CT was irritated having to battle Kyle after previously defeating Nam Vo in the second round. However, his bigger frustration was due to a lack of confidence in Big T as he knew that Kam was the more experienced and tougher competitor.

It ended up that Kyle and Kam each won in their first attempt and became the Double Agents power team. That once again barred CT from having the power to go into the elimination and get a Gold Skull.

Instead, Josh Martinez went in and defeated rookie Mechie Harris to take the final men’s Skull. Even so, CT revealed on The Challenge: Aftermath show about which male competitor he would want to go after to take a Skull from.

To get into elimination, CT will need to win another daily mission with Big T or hope that she can use her social game to call in a favor from others. So it seems having her as his partner could be pretty helpful for The Challenge veteran going forward.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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