The Challenge: USA’s Alyssa Lopez comments on her season, reveals injury she suffered

alyssa lopez during the challenge usa promo video
Big Brother star Alyssa Lopez was amongst CBS stars competing in The Challenge: USA. Pic credit: CBS

While Big Brother can be a challenging game based on its rules and circumstances, it’s nothing quite like the competition series known as The Challenge.

Big Brother stars have made the leap from the CBS show to MTV’s main show over the years; some have even won. With The Challenge: USA spinoff, many new cast members from CBS reality TV shows got their first taste of TJ Lavin’s action-packed extravaganza.

That included Alyssa Lopez, among several BB 24 stars competing in the spinoff. She was also amongst the few from BB that advanced deep into the season, possibly defying the expectations of some castmates, viewers, and herself.

Following the airing of Episode 11, which consisted of The Challenge: USA final, Alyssa shared her thoughts about the season.

In particular, she showed love to two specific castmates who helped her while competing in the spinoff show. Alyssa also revealed an injury she suffered, possibly during that intense battle she was involved in at The Arena.

This report will contain some spoilers from The Challenge: USA season, including Episode 11’s final.

Big Brother stars battled before The Challenge: USA final

In Episode 10 of The Challenge: USA, viewers saw two Big Brother friends and allies battle in a men’s elimination as Enzo Palumbo and David Alexander clashed in the classic Balls In event. Enzo won that elimination at The Arena, sadly sending his friend home just ahead of the final.

For The Challenge: USA, Episode 11, Angela Rummans was the worst-performing competitor in a daily challenge after excelling most of the season. With her rival Sarah Lacina in power alongside Domenick Abbate and Tyson Apostol, Angela got put against Alyssa.

The two Big Brother friends went at it in another Challenge elimination classic, Pole Wrestle. While Alyssa gave her best efforts, Angela was much stronger and more athletic, leading to an easy win at The Arena.

With that, Angela hugged her friend goodbye as Alyssa exited the season. Moments later, host TJ Lavin congratulated the rest of the cast on reaching his final, which showed how extremely close Alyssa was to competing in it with them.

Alyssa comments on her Challenge season

Following the airing of Episode 11 of the CBS spinoff, Alyssa was amongst the cast members who went on social media to react to their season of The Challenge: USA.

Taking to her Instagram Story, she shared a heartfelt message about her season, which included praise for Angela and Tyson.

In her IG Story message, Alyssa mentions feeling “very insecure” upon first walking into The Challenge house due to her “size, weight, and anxiety.” She was also worried that she wouldn’t be able to compete with others due to her level of strength or having anxiety attacks holding her back.

“Being the very last person eliminated was such a bitter sweet moment for me. It sucked to be so close to the final, but I am SO proud of myself for getting as far as I did. I felt like I accomplished so much when I left. More than I thought I would even be able to do,” she wrote on her IG Story.

“Leaving this game with a smile on my face (and a bruised rib),” she revealed before showing love for Angela and Tyson.

big brother star alyssa lopez reacts to the challenge usa season
Pic credit: @alooopezzz/Instagram

While she didn’t elaborate on the bruised rib injury, it possibly occurred as she fought to stay in the game against her friend Angela at The Arena. Viewers have seen other competitors hurt during the Pole Wrestle and specifically with rib injuries, including Ace Amerson during the first season of The Challenge: All Stars.

Nonetheless, it seems Alyssa proved herself to be amongst the savvy and capable competitors on CBS’ spinoff show, so it should be interesting to see if she returns for another shot at The Challenge. Either way, she appears to have gained valuable experience and confidence from her first season of the competition series.

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