Angela Rummans reacts to The Challenge: USA final

angela rummans in the challenge usa final
Angela Rummans commented about her situation in The Challenge: USA final. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: USA final recently arrived for the first installment of the spinoff season, with CBS stars competing to become the first-ever champions.

Initially, 10 individuals qualified for the event, but various circumstances reduced their numbers before and during the final.

Ultimately it left two cast members as the season’s winners due to the field of competitors becoming fewer and fewer as the final went on.

However, several questionable situations resulted in a few competitors getting eliminated from the running.

Based on recent comments on social media, Angela Rummans may have a gripe with how things were set up or explained.

This report will contain spoilers regarding who competed in the final, who got ousted for different reasons, and who won the event.

What happened to Angela in The Challenge: USA final?

In The Challenge: USA final, TJ Lavin welcomed 10 competitors to an extreme event held in Patagonia. Big Brother star Angela was amongst those competitors after defeating her friend Alyssa Lopez in the last elimination at The Arena.

Other qualified cast members included Survivor’s Ben Driebergen, Tyson Apostol, Domenick Abbate, Danny McCray, and Big Brother’s Enzo Palumbo. The women had every show represented, including Survivor stars Desi Williams and Sarah Lacina, as well as Love Island’s Justine Ndiba and Amazing Race’s Cayla Platt.

Angela, 30, was considered the frontrunner due to her strong performances throughout the season. However, TJ informed Ben he couldn’t compete in the final due to a shoulder injury he sustained during the last daily challenge of the season.

Due to that, it caused a bit of a disadvantage for the women in the final, as TJ revealed The Algorithm was back to assign random teammates for each checkpoint in the final. However, Ben’s exit left more women competing than men. That meant one woman randomly competed by herself for each checkpoint.

Several competitors were able to handle tasks on their own, including Sarah and Cayla. However, a daunting task came at night, where teammates could take turns moving dirt from a pile by wheelbarrow to a large, empty sandbox they had to fill. The teammate not doing that task was allowed to get some rest in a tent.

Angela was on her own for this checkpoint. Ultimately, after moving some dirt, she felt she was going to strain her back by continuing. Instead, she opted to get rest in the tent for the next day’s events. Meanwhile, her castmates continued to work on the task of transporting dirt from their piles to the boxes.

competitors at the challenge usa final
TJ Lavin and competitors watch Angela Rummans depart The Challenge: USA final. Pic credit: Paramount+

Unfortunately for Angela, TJ informed her the following day that since she gave up on the checkpoint, it meant she quit without attempting to complete the task. Due to that, she got disqualified from continuing in the final.

“Walking away from this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do because I do not quit…I just felt I did this intentionally, and I was punished for a strategic move I was trying to make, but still, I would not trade this experience for anything despite the circumstances,” a teary-eyed Angela said during an emotional confessional.

Angela reacts to her surprising exit during final

With Angela getting ousted from the final after competing hard all season, it prompted fans to wonder what went wrong. Others likely questioned the rules regarding what seemed to put the women at a competitive disadvantage.

That said, some fans may agree with TJ’s assessment that Angela didn’t really try to complete the checkpoint, and as fans know, the host hates quitters.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the Big Brother star shared a screenshot of a tweet from Allan Aguirre, who covers The Challenge on Medium. In his tweet, Aguirre suggested that The Challenge: USA production crew or on-site workers never informed Angela that choosing to rest during the nighttime checkpoint would result in disqualification.

“She would have tried to complete the challenge if they had told her it was required. Don’t punish her because you didn’t explicitly state the rules,” Aguirre tweeted.

“Agree with this tweet,” Angela wrote over her IG Story slide of Agguire’s tweet screenshot, adding, “Make it make sense.”

angela comments about the challenge usa final
Pic credit: @angelarummans/Instagram

Angela’s exit cost her big, as the Big Brother star had racked up over $33,000 in her personal bank account throughout the season. Competitors were allowed to keep all the money in their account if they completed the final.

Ultimately, castmates Sarah and Danny were the only two individuals to finish the final. Multiple competitors quit, and Desi sadly got eliminated due to her teammate Enzo quitting the swimming part at the start of the final.

In addition to the slide above, Angela posted a reaction to the messages she’d received from fans, thanking everyone for the kind words and support.

angela rummans comments about fan reactions to the challenge usa
Pic credit: @angelarummans/Instagram

Fans will likely hear more of the story if Angela speaks about her surprising exit following The Challenge: USA final. Based on her performance on the spinoff, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to see her join MTV’s main show in the future.

The Challenge: USA episodes are available on Paramount Plus. The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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1 year ago

I was rooting for Angela but when she went into the tent the first thing I thought was you are disqualified they were told if one person gives up it’s over she was the one person

1 year ago

I don’t know why she was so surprised to be eliminated. You can’t just not do a leg of the final and expect to move on. She could have slept for part of the time and then got up and worked on it. She just straight up said I’m not doing it so you’re eliminated. That’s how it works.

Richard Crump
Richard Crump
1 year ago

If she had of watched the challenge at least once before being on the show she would have known. Big mistake

1 year ago

I am not disappointed. I was glad to see her go up against her friend, Alyssa. They both made Enzo go against David whom he asked not to out of his friendship so why would they expect to be left alone and not go against one another.
Karma always wins!

1 year ago

She was explicitly told at the start that if one person quits on the team then your both done. Common sense dictates that if you are the girl running the lone leg and you quit that is the same thing and your done. I dont know what’s so hard to understand about that, all the people on social media stating they dont understand is crazy to me.