The Challenge: USA sneak peek for Episode 10 features Tyson Apostol playing an ‘impossible’ game

the challenge usa star tyson apostol
Survivor star Tyson Apostol is among the competitors in The Challenge: USA. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

A new sneak peek clip for The Challenge: USA, Episode 10, has arrived, and based on the footage, the competition is only getting tougher as TJ Lavin’s final approaches!

Only 12 cast members remain in the game, but only a portion of those individuals are likely to compete in that final. Just a few are likely to be crowned the winners for the season, though.

One of the favorites from the start has been former Survivor winner Tyson Apostol, although he’s yet to face elimination or the prospect of competing in one at The Arena.

That could change based on the latest preview footage, which has Tyson struggling with the upcoming daily challenge.

With a men’s elimination looming, will the Survivor star finally have to prove himself at The Arena, or is another competitor going to compete in their first?

This report will contain spoilers through Episode 9 of The Challenge: USA, including the names of eliminated competitors.

Sneak peek for The Challenge: USA, Episode 10 arrives

Hours ahead of the premiere of The Challenge: USA, Episode 10, CBS and @thechallenge social media dropped a second sneak peek clip focused on the daily challenge.

The competitors learned from TJ in the other sneak peek clip that they’ll compete in Code Crossing. It involves hanging on the side of a large moving truck and placing pegs into slots to create a bridge. The objective is for competitors to use that bridge to move from the back of the track to the front and then climb to the top to pull a cord.

As with other events, the competitor completing the task in the fastest time wins, while the worst-performing one will go into elimination.

TJ explained in the other Episode 10 sneak peek that competitors would receive an advantage. They each get to place six pegs on their side of the truck before they begin the The

The footage below shows Big Brother’s David Alexander and Tyson going head-to-head. Based on David’s comments, they’re going first overall and are like the “guinea pigs” for others to figure out what might work best for their peg placements.

“It’s way harder than I thought it was gonna be,” Tyson says in his confessional clip, adding that his mistake is having nowhere to place his feet as he moves across the side of the truck.

“At this point, I’m like this game is impossible,” he says in the sneak peek footage.

The Challenge: USA final is approaching

Episode 10 is one of the final remaining episodes in The Challenge: USA spinoff season, meaning the final is coming up for the CBS reality TV stars.

Heading into Episode 10, there are 12 competitors still in the game. Survivor has the bulk of them, including Tyson, Domenick Abbate, Danny McCray, Desi Williams, and Sarah Lacina.

Big Brother has four players remaining: Angela Rummans, Alyssa Lopez, Enzo Palumbo, and David. For Love Island, it’s down to only Justine Ndiba, and Cayla Platt is the final player left from Amazing Race.

In Episode 9 of the CBS spinoff show, viewers saw Sarah go into her second elimination of the season. This time it was due to a plan orchestrated by Angela and Alyssa to ensure Sarah finished last amongst all the women in the daily challenge, sending her straight to The Arena.

The daily event’s winners were Danny and Desi, who decide to send Cashay Proudfoot into the elimination, keeping Big Brother’s Angela and Alyssa safe. However, Sarah easily defeated Cashay in two-straight rounds. Ahead of the win, she vowed to return with the primary goal of getting rid of the BB stars.

With Episode 10, it’s another men’s elimination, and based on how things look in the clip above, it could be David, Tyson, or both headed to The Arena, depending on their performances in the daily.

The episode’s teaser clip after Episode 9 aired had Enzo upset, possibly over Tyson running the game. Based on that, it could be a volatile episode as another elimination looms over the CBS stars!

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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