The Challenge: USA, Episode 10 sneak peek reveals Code Crossing and Kiki McCray’s advice for Danny

danny mccray in the challenge usa survivor promo
Survivor star Danny McCray has his wife Kiki rooting for him in The Challenge: USA. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

The Challenge: USA daily events have featured tall buildings, water, and even cars in a demolition derby. For Episode 10, it’s time to bring in the big trucks.

In some sneak peek footage for the latest installment of the CBS spinoff show, host TJ Lavin introduces the competitors to Code Crossing as their latest daily challenge.

The competitors will be on the sides of moving trucks attempting to place pegs and build themselves a bridge. The objective is to use their bridge to move from the back to the front of the truck.

Once they’re at the front, they’ll climb to the top of the truck and pull a cord, which will signal that they’ve completed the mission.

The man and woman who accomplish that feat the fastest will become the winners of the latest daily challenge. If no individuals can get to the top of the truck and pull the cord, it’ll be the ones who get the farthest, the fastest in the event.

Like other daily events, the worst-performing players will be the daily challenge losers. For Episode 10, the men will be trying to avoid that distinction.

Danny McCray ready for daily event with Kiki’s support

In the latest preview footage for The Challenge: USA, TJ informs the competitors that they’ll each get a potential advantage for the event. Everyone gets to place six pegs on the side of their trucks before they compete, which could help them quite a bit.

The sneak peek doesn’t show competitors going head-to-head, except when TJ describes the event. However, it includes Danny McCray giving his confessional interview.

Once again, Danny’s got his wife Kiki in his head as he attempts to win a second-straight daily challenge. Viewers saw Danny get the big win in Episode 9’s daily event, a giant game of Connect Four, and he revealed his wife was going to be happy he won because she loves TJ.

It also gave Danny enough money in his bank account to officially qualify for The Challenge: USA final. For his next daily, he’s excited but nervous about the specific event but has Kiki giving her support.

“In my daily life, I do not put myself at risk, so everything I’ve done here on The Challenge is out of my norm. Am I excited to do it? Yes. Am I scared? Hell yes. Kiki would tell me, ‘You better go out there and kill it,'” Danny said.

Check out the sneak peek below with TJ describing the rules and objectives for the daily event to the 12 remaining competitors.

The event comes a week before The Challenge: USA finale, according to the Instagram caption above, suggesting there may be a double-elimination on the way or a purge to reduce the field of competitors for the final.

Men’s elimination to arrive in Episode 10 of The Challenge: USA

Starting in The Challenge: USA, Episode 8, TJ revealed that they’d no longer be using The Algorithm to determine random teams for the daily challenges. Instead, he said it was time for everyone to go at it individually.

With that, the eliminations also become individual events, and Episode 8 featured Leo Temory going into a Hall Brawl against Big Brother star Enzo Palumbo. It was a shorter-than-usual Hall structure at The Arena, but that didn’t matter, as Enzo had the size advantage and got the easy win in back-to-back rounds.

Episode 9 saw Sarah Lacina go back into elimination, thanks to a plan from Angela Rummans and Alyssa Lopez to target her during the daily challenge. The daily challenge winners selected Cashay Proudfoot as Sarah’s opponent for the elimination, which involved running in giant hamster wheels to move a ball at the end of a chain.

Ultimately, Sarah defeated Cashay in two rounds, winning her second elimination and securing enough money in her bank account to qualify for the final.

In Episode 10, the men will be up for elimination again. As TJ mentioned in the sneak peek footage, the guys will want to give it their all in the daily challenge to avoid The Arena since the winner will be safe from going in and also gets part of the decision of who to send in.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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