The Challenge spoilers: Season 39 early eliminations suggest potential alliance within cast

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Early eliminations might reveal an alliance for The Challenge Season 39. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge spoilers arrive for Season 39, some fans might have noticed an early trend regarding the eliminations.

Each season of The Challenge typically includes alliances among cast members who band together to get as far as possible in the game.

That is likely the case with Season 39 based on the early eliminations revealed online.

In previous seasons, fans mentioned the Vacation Alliance, which included vets Tori Deal, Devin Walker, Nany Gonzalez, Kaycee Clark, Fessy Shafaat, and Aneesa Ferreira.

While Season 39 doesn’t have any of those individuals as part of the starting cast for MTV’s competition series, some newer players have likely taken a page from their playbook.

This report will contain spoilers for The Challenge Season 39, including the names of eliminated cast members and some of the remaining competitors.

Five competitors were eliminated from The Challenge 39

So far, five of the initial cast members for MTV’s 39th season of The Challenge have been sent home. Monsters and Critics previously reported about early boots for new dad Chauncey Palmer and MTV Challenge rookie Jessica Brody (The Challenge: Australia).

Former Spies, Lies & Allies rookie Hughie Maughan was eliminated, as revealed in online spoilers last week. This could be due to Hughie finishing last place in a daily challenge or not having an alliance in the game.

Over the past few days, two more eliminations have been revealed via @mtvchallengeinsider on Instagram. The first is Sofia “Jujuy” Jimenez, who initially appeared in The Challenge: Argentina spinoff and then teamed with Nelson Thomas on World Championship.

The latest elimination revealed is Ciarran Stott, another of The Challenge: Australia’s competitors. Ciarran, 28, appeared in The Bachelorette Australia 5, Bachelor in Paradise Australia 3, and The Bachelorette Sweden 2.

During his time on The Challenge spinoff, he won an elimination alongside Brittany Hockley in Episode 8 and then finished second place in the final. That likely put a target on his back as other competitors looked to eliminate a threat.

It’s also important to remember that in previous seasons of The Challenge, the individual who finished in last place during a daily challenge automatically went into elimination. So any of the above competitors may have also had that happen rather than getting voted into elimination by an alliance.

Some of the remaining competitors may have an alliance going

The Challenge Season 39 cast features mostly newer players. However, Jay Starrett, Michele Fitzgerald, and Melissa Reeves are all part of the cast. They each have two or more seasons of experience on the show, which could have made them work together.

Jay and Michele also worked with several rookies during Ride or Dies, including Johnny Middlebrooks and his partner, Rayn (Rochelle) Collier. Rookies Moriah Jadea, Nurys Mateo, Olivia Kaiser, and Horacio Gutierrez also returned from Ride or Dies.

Olivia and Horacio made quite the impression in their first season, reaching the final as rookies. They fell short due to an unfortunate mishap that resulted in a nasty injury for Olivia and disqualified her and Horacio from the final.

Most likely, some or all of those individuals are working together, as it would seem a smart way for them to try to reach the final ahead of the first-time MTV Challengers.

That said, an insider recently revealed a major twist is coming for Season 39, which will shake things up with these newer cast members.

The Challenge Season 39 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10, at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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