The Challenge Season 38: Episode 2 sneak peek features Ride or Dies rookie impressing TJ

horacio gutierrez from the challenge ride or dies
Horacio Gutierrez is among the rookies competing in The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

It’s not often that host TJ Lavin is impressed by rookies on The Challenge, but based on upcoming Season 38, Episode 2 footage, that appears to be the case.

A sneak peek of the upcoming Ride or Dies episode features two newcomers on the show putting on a brilliant display as they compete in the latest daily challenge.

The newcomers are Olivia Kaiser and her teammate Horacio Gutierrez. The duo entered partway through the first episode of Season 38 after another team had to leave.

In the Episode 2 preview clip, Olivia and Horacio navigate an obstacle course which includes swimming in the water, climbing rope ladders, and swinging to a tilting platform.

TJ didn’t provide details such as the daily event’s name or what teammates need to accomplish to complete it. However, the host lets the rest of the cast know one individual is setting the bar high early.

This report will contain spoilers for The Challenge: Ride or Dies into Episode 2 of the season.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies, Episode 2 sneak peek

In a clip @thechallenge shared on Instagram, the second daily challenge from Ride or Dies is under the spotlight, with rookies Olivia and Horacio taking on the obstacle course through and over the water.

Horacio shows off his impressive skills as he quickly swims to a rope ladder, climbs up to a hanging container, and swings via rope to a tilting platform which he steadies himself on.

“This guy came to play! This guy came to play! Oh my God,” TJ yells at the rest of the cast after witnessing Horacio’s abilities.

Meanwhile, Olivia isn’t quite as skillful or fast as Horacio, but she isn’t giving up either. She admits that the course features one of her two fears: heights.

“I am terrified of heights. Like I always make a joke, ‘I’m terrified of heights and love,'” she says in a confessional interview before the teaser clip ends.

Who are Olivia and Horacio on The Challenge?

In the Ride or Dies premiere episode, viewers got a surprise before the daily challenge. TJ revealed that Spies, Lies & Allies winner Kaycee Clark and her brother Kenny had to leave the show.

TJ indicated it was due to the “crazy times” going on right now, and Kaycee later revealed it was due to her and Kenny testing positive for COVID-19.

After his big announcement in Episode 1, TJ indicated he brought two new teams in as replacements. One duo featured Nam Vo with rookie Emmy Russ. The other team was Olivia and Horacio.

Olivia, 30, was originally on CBS’ Love Island, which she won alongside Korey Gandy. She’s from Anchorage, Alaska, but moved to Arizona, where she started her own company, which offers cosmetology services.

Horacio, 26, is from El Paso, Texas. He competed in Exatlón Estados Unidos 5, a Telemundo show similar to American Ninja Warrior and The Challenge, which might explain why he’s doing well in the Ride or Dies daily.

Olivia and Horacio could be an early rookie squad to watch. Based on how the duo performs on Ride or Dies, Episode 2, they might also become targets for their fellow competitors looking to take out some formidable opponents early in the game.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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