The Challenge: Ride or Dies premiere sneak peek shows early drama between Turbo and castmate

turabi turbo camkiran in the challenge 38 sneak peek
Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran is back for The Challenge: Ride or Dies season. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge: Ride or Dies premiere episode, the drama will begin before the cast arrives at their living location for the new season.

The Challenge social media unveiled a sneak peek clip showing off Season 38 teams as they enjoy champagne on a boat ride on a beautiful, sunny day.

Ride or Dies teammates entering the season have a strong bond that keeps them close and mostly trusting one another.

There’s husband-and-wife duo Sam Bird and Kailah Casillas, Kaycee Clark with her brother Kenny Clark, Amber Borzotra with boyfriend Chauncey Palmer, and Laurel Stucky with her friend Jakk Maddox.

Some teams may have formed a little quicker than others so they’d have teammates for the latest season of MTV’s show. Also, with so many different personalities, there are bound to be a few arguments.

In a first look at the first several minutes of the premiere episode, viewers see that despite the season starting with good vibes, things soon erupt into drama between two castmates.

The Challenge 38 sneak peek reveals Turbo drama

MTV’s Ride or Dies cast will feature seasoned vets and inexperienced rookies looking to survive a rigorous season featuring daily challenges, eliminations, and drama in the game.

Among the seasoned vets are former champions. Laurel was a winner during Free Agents and returns to The Challenge after last appearing in a controversial War of the Worlds 2 elimination.

Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran is also back after last appearing in WOTW 2. Turbo, the winner of the first War of the Worlds, had a volatile second season which included him exploding at castmate Jordan Wiseley. Eventually, he was removed from the house by production and kicked off the season.

From early on, it appears Turbo will have drama, but this time with another castmate. During the cast’s boat ride, Laurel is pouring castmates some champagne, and Turbo feels slighted when he’s standing behind her asking for some, and she doesn’t pour him any.

That leads to an early argument between the two, with Turbo saying he will purposely go into eliminations to take people out of the game. Based on a confessional interview, Nelson Thomas is down with that idea, as he’ll vote him in anytime he wants to go.

Ride or Dies is Turbo’s third Challenge season

With Season 38, Turbo is returning for his third installment of MTV’s The Challenge series. As mentioned, the former Survivor Turkey star debuted on War of the Worlds and won as a rookie, taking home the grand prize of $750,000. That’s the most any male player has won in a single season.

His War of the Worlds 2 season didn’t go quite as planned. During a daily challenge, he and castmate Jordan got into it, and things carried over later to an altercation at the house. After several altercations with Jordan, Turbo was removed from the house, and then the season.

That brings up an interesting distinction too. Despite Turbo being a former champion and showing immense skills and physical abilities through two seasons, he’s yet to compete in an elimination.

Based on the sneak preview clip above, he may get his first taste of what that’s like in Ride or Dies, with The Zone set to host this season’s elimination events.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies premieres Wednesday, October 12 at 8/7c on MTV.

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