The Challenge: Ride or Dies finale sneak peek features competitors in frantic helicopter event

devin walker in the challenge ride or dies episode 18
Devin Walker is among the finalists in The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Ride or Dies finale will feature competitors in the last parts of TJ Lavin’s final in Argentina, with the winners collecting $1 million in prize money.

As viewers have seen in the first several parts of the final, it’s anything but easy, with injuries hitting two teams and causing one to have to end their quest to win the season.

There have also been some challenging checkpoints/stations featured in the final, and a new sneak peek brings another.

This time, competitors are getting to ride in a helicopter, although they still have some work to do to get ahead of their opponents as they race toward the finish line.

The footage features Tori Deal and Devin Walker attempting to hit targets on the ground while flying relatively high above them.

This report will feature spoilers from The Challenge Season 38, including Ride or Dies Episode 19.

Ride or Dies Episode 19 features competitors in a helicopter target event

MTV’s The Challenge presented fans with an early look at part of the upcoming Ride or Dies Episode 19, as Tori and Devin are shown in a helicopter and throwing exploding color bombs at targets on the ground.

“We’ve been saying this from the jump. It’s quality over quantity. We don’t want a ton of wins. We want quality wins,” Devin says as far as his and Tori’s strategy goes.

The footage shows that Tori and Devin have a total of 20 balls or bombs that they can throw from the helicopter. On the ground are circular targets that feature photos of other Ride or Dies teams, such as Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira.

Devin and Tori seem to be off in their aim for a while until, finally, they’re shown figuring it out. Devin tells Tori how to correct her timing, and she’s able to hit a target. As the footage closes, they’ve hit three targets. It also appears that they’re the first team to participate in this event.

This event is just part of what’s in store for the frantic finish of TJ’s final. It also arrives after competitors endured a swamp swim, eating large amounts of bread and pasta and pushing cars without engines down grass or mud roads.

There were also puzzle checkpoints and stations involving throwing bolas or firing slingshots. Two of those events caused injuries for Olivia Kaiser, with the slingshot taking her and Horacio out of the game after it backfired in her face, resulting in a trip to the hospital.

The Challenge Season 38 final will include an elimination battle

Monsters and Critics previously reported about The Challenge: Ride or Dies trailer, which teased what’s on the way for the last part of the final. Among the footage was a large glowing structure in the middle of a cornfield at nighttime.

That structure resembled where the competitors did the nighttime challenge, involving moving beams atop that tall building. It also seems to have a similar interior to the elimination venue from the season.

Part of the footage revealed events similar to several eliminations earlier in the season. One of those was the event where rookie Horacio Gutierrez defeated fellow rookie Kenny Clark. It featured competitors using different tools to break through various doors in a long tunnel to get to the middle first.

Another scene seems to show two competitors going at it in Balls In. Viewers saw Horacio in that elimination, where he defeated Jordan. However, Jordan was able to win his way back into the game as he and Aneesa defeated Kaycee and Kenny Clark ahead of the final.

Based on the teaser trailer, it will be a frantic fight to the finish, with three teams seemingly deserving of the million-dollar prize. The Challenge season finale arrives on Wednesday, February 15.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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