The Challenge: Ride or Dies, Episode 14 sneak peek: Tori Deal has to calm down castmate, fans react

tori deal in the challenge ride or dies confessional
The Challenge’s Tori Deal in Ride or Dies confessional. Pic credit: MTV

In The Challenge Season 38, Episode 14, the Ride or Dies teams will be working with partners again and facing fears for their latest challenge.

It won’t be a daily challenge, as this one takes place at nighttime. They also won’t be paired with their original Ride or Dies partners.

Instead, they’ll pair up with someone from their larger team that formed around midseason.

Based on a preview clip for the episode, Tori Deal will be partnered with Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, also her former fling.

While Fessy’s typically a strong competitor in most events, it appears Tori will have to do her best to calm his nerves during a terrifying night challenge.

This report will contain spoilers from The Challenge: Ride or Dies Season into Episode 14.

Ride or Dies Episode 14 daily challenge sneak peek arrives

In another preview clip revealed ahead of Ride or Dies Episode 14, viewers see competitors participating in a nighttime challenge. Based on the footage, they’ve returned to the top of that tall building from Episode 4’s Hold On for Me.

However, this time around, they’ll be balancing on a narrow construction beam hanging over the side of that building, with traffic visible down on the ground level.

In the sneak peek, Tori revealed that she and Fessy were going first for the latest challenge. Fessy throws in a remark about their past, which included a fling and Turks & Caicos trip amid cheating rumors involving him and Tori, who was previously engaged to Jordan Wiseley.

“We’ve danced a time or two in the past,” Fessy said ahead of them going onto the beam, with Tori saying she knew he’d pull some “s**t” like that.

Fessy remarked in his confessional that he and Tori want to “set the tone” for the rest of the competitors by going first. However, he also brings up the scary aspect of heights being involved.

As they compete in the event, Tori tries to calm Fessy down as he has to keep his balance and move onto a higher portion of the beam.

“You’ve gotta calm down right now. You’re shaking so much. Relax,” Tori tells her partner for the event.

She also mentioned that Fessy being “so large” puts them at a disadvantage in this event with how badly he’s wobbling as they try to move across the beam. Check out the sneak peek clip for Episode 14 below:

A teaser trailer for the episode revealed that Fessy isn’t the only one who may be terrified. Amber Borzotra’s boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer, also seems to be petrified by heights based on the footage.

Fans react to Tori and Fessy in Ride or Dies sneak peek

A previous sneak peek clip focused on Jordan and Tori’s issues co-existing in The Challenge house, following several arguments and other incidents, including Jordan possibly hooking up with castmate Nurys Mateo.

Upon @thechallenge dropping the latest clip on Instagram, many fans and critics gave their thoughts about seeing Tori with Fessy as partners for the event.

“Awww the lovers got paired together,” one commenter joked, while another said, “Jordan>fessy come on Tori.”

Another individual called Fessy “so cringe,” with another suggesting nobody likes him on The Challenge.

fans comment fessy and tori team up for ride or dies episode 14
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Additional feedback rolled in for the comments section, with someone saying, “This why jordan ain’t f*****g with tori smh.”

fans react to seeing tori with fessy for night challenge
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

As mentioned, Fessy and Tori were castmates in several seasons, including Season 36, aka Double Agents. Those episodes aired after Jordan and Tori publicly revealed they’d ended their engagement and decided to go their separate ways.

It didn’t come without things getting messy, as there was speculation that Tori cheated with Fessy during filming. She denied the rumors, with former castmate Jemmye Carroll later suggesting during a Patreon video that Tori had cheated.

Tori and Fessy revealed at the Double Agents reunion that they’d decided to remain friends after exploring a potential relationship. Meanwhile, Jordan’s return to the game surprised Tori and brought an interesting twist.

In several episodes since Jordan’s return to MTV’s show, the couple has attempted to navigate their feelings and issues with one another while trying to win the game. However, that resulted in more than a few arguments and tense moments, with more seemingly on the way for Episode 14.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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