The Challenge: Former NFL quarterback says ‘zero percent chance’ he’d lose to Fessy Shafaat in Hall Brawl

fessy shafaat during the challenge double agents hall brawl
The Challenge’s Fessy Shafaat prepares for battle in a Hall Brawl on Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents featured the classic Hall Brawl popping up multiple times through the season, with two particular competitors dominating the event.

One was rookie Amber Borzotra from Big Brother, and the other was Fessy Shafaat. The 29-year-old Fessy, who debuted on Big Brother and has college football experience, has continued to go on record, saying nobody can defeat him in a physical man-to-man elimination on The Challenge.

However, a former NFL quarterback was asked about taking on The Challenge star and believes there’s no chance he’d lose in the event.

Is former NFL QB ready for The Challenge’s Fessy in Hall Brawl?

When he’s not busy competing or trying to scale columns on The Challenge: All Stars, Derrick Kosinski also hosts the Challenge Mania podcast alongside Scott Yager.

They spoke with former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky, who is now an ESPN analyst and Challenge fan, during a recent episode of their podcast.

The 37-year-old Orlovsky seems to be such a huge fan of the show that he actually wants to go and compete. Derrick brought up Hall Brawl to him, asking Orlovsky if he went against the younger, bigger “monster,” would he give himself a chance.

“There’d be a zero percent chance I’d lose to Fessy in a Hall Brawl,” Orlovsky said in the clip Derrick shared (below), even holding up a zero sign with his hand. That brought some laughter as Derrick and Scott reacted to Orlovsky’s comment, but he explained why he said that.

“Here’s the thing. I think Hall Brawl, there’s definitely a physical aspect to it. And obviously, if you have some football background or probably even rugby or maybe even [lacrosse] background like that’s gonna help. But like so many of those challenges, I think the challenge is over before it ever starts,” Orlovsky commented.

“The mental mindset going into it — Like right when that thing started, and I saw Fessy’s comment, I was like, ‘This is a wrap’ because he was just locked in,” Orlovsky added.

Stars lining up to battle Fessy in The Challenge elimination?

Fessy was able to win his first-ever Hall Brawl in Episode 4 of the Double Agents season. As competitors were getting to the Crater elimination site, it was obvious what the event would be as they could see the structure down on the ground level. During the episode, Fessy asked the Double Agents power team of Tori Deal and Devin Walker to put him in as they were walking to the site.

It was already determined that Nelson Thomas was in the elimination due to being part of the team the house voted for. So that meant Fessy was volunteering to take on his friend in the physical event. He defeated him in two straight rounds. Nelson claimed following his loss in two rounds that Fessy may have been playing dirty. In addition, Nelson said he was dealing with a lingering injury from one of the daily challenges.

The two apparently have spoken since that all went down, but they will be speaking more during The Challenge: Double Agents reunion Part 2.

The second Hall Brawl elimination came up as a topic briefly during Part 1 of the reunion. Kyle Christie said that Fessy never actually beat him, joking that he was “medically disqualified” due to a broken finger. Their event lasted just one round, with Fessy winning the first and Kyle realizing he hurt his finger. That led to the on-site medical crew checking on Kyle, then saying he couldn’t continue.

While Nelson and Kyle haven’t been able to defeat Fessy yet, The Challenge: All Stars’ Mark Long said he could take Fessy in Hall Brawl. It seems former Challenge star Marlon Williams would also like a shot.

Add former quarterback Dan Orlovsky to that list. Possibly the best way for these guys to ever meet in the Hall Brawl is for another Champs vs. Pros or Champs vs. Stars spinoff. However, Fessy has yet to become a champion on The Challenge.

The Challenge airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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