The Challenge: Double Agents Reunion Part 2 trailer features Nelson vs. Fessy, battle of the Ambers

nelson thomas during the challenge double agents reunion
Will Nelson Thomas get an apology from Fessy Shafaat at The Challenge: Double Agents reunion? Pic credit: MTV

The first installment of The Challenge: Double Agents Reunion brought all sorts of insights, jokes, insults, and even some apologies to mend relationships. Fessy Shafaat found himself featured in many segments, although other castmates got some TV time too.

There’s still a second part to come, and it appears that Fessy will be back under the spotlight some more. However, Nany Gonzalez also has an interesting scene, as does Amber Borzotra.

A trailer for The Challenge: Double Agents Reunion Part 2 was unveiled after last week’s episode and looks like it’ll pack plenty of entertaining moments.

The Challenge: Double Agents Reunion Part 2 trailer breakdown

The Double Agents season will wrap up with the second part of The Challenge: Double Agents Reunion. In the first part, various cast members appeared live in person with Vernon Davis, while others appeared on videoconferencing. That included Kyle Christie, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Gabby Allen, and Nelson Thomas.

Nelson is featured at the start of the Part 2 trailer, as he’s confronting Fessy for what went down during and after their elimination clash. Viewers may remember that Nelson felt blindsided by someone he thought was a friend and ally in the game.

Fessy volunteered himself to go into Hall Brawl once they got to The Crater, knowing he’d be going against Nelson. It resulted in Nelson being sent home from the game after losing in two straight rounds. While Fessy went for a hug after his win, Nelson pushed him away.

“You didn’t have the b***s to even pick up the phone and call me,” Nelson says, which is most likely referring to Fessy after the season had ended. Nelson previously indicated he and Fessy hadn’t talked since their elimination event on Double Agents.

In another scene, Nany Gonzalez is getting vocal about someone, but it’s unknown who she’s talking to. Is she upset with Amber Borzotra, Ashley Mitchell, or Lolo Jones? Probably not any of them.

“B***h stay home, and you got all the money, stay home,” Nany says. Based on that remark, it could very well be Theresa Jones that Nany is talking to as Theresa is married to a professional football star with a bit of money.

Amber and Devin among stars of Double Agents reunion

In the first episode of The Challenge Reunion, there were plenty of hilarious bits and entertaining moments where certain individuals let their castmates have it. Devin Walker and Amber M upped the entertainment factor, as they didn’t back down from going at Fessy or others.

Devin reminded Fessy that nobody’s scared of him and that neither of them has won a Double Agents final. The reunion also revealed that Devin and Josh Martinez hung out on vacation and might be cool with one another now. So their battles may be over, for now, but the Big Brother alliance isn’t ready to welcome Devin just yet.

Amber M also went at Fessy during the reunion, as host Vernon Davis brought up a series of tweets that the two had exchanged involving performance on the show. Basically, Fessy had called Amber M. a “layup,” and she called him out for never winning a final.

Episode 2 looks like it will feature a battle of the two Ambers. While Amber Borzotra was on the winning side for TJ Lavin’s final, she had to get rid of Amber M. earlier in the season. That was the two rookies’ first Hall Brawl, and the more athletic Amber B. eliminated the smaller Amber M. from the game.

However, Amber M. called Amber B. fake at various points during the season for how she acted in the house. She even continued to refer to her as “sneaky” during YouTube recaps of Double Agents episodes. Most likely, the two rookies will rehash some of their drama that occurred on and off-screen.

During Part 1 of the reunion, several apologies were given, including Tori Deal apologizing to Amber M. for making her “feel small” while she was amongst the castmates. Nelson Thomas apologized to Ashley Mitchell for referring to her as a “snake” and saying she stabs people in the back. Also, CT apologized to Big T for some of their issues when working together during the season.

Based on the Part 2 trailer, Amber B. seems to be asking what else Amber M. wants from her, so will more apologies be extended at the reunion?

The Challenge: Double Agents Reunion Part 2 airs Wednesday, May 5 at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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