The Challenge’s Mark Long, KellyAnne Judd, and other OGs react to Fessy Shafaat’s elimination claims

fessy shafaat at elimination event on the challenge double agents
Fessy Shafaat has claimed he believes he’s unbeatable in physical eliminations on The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

The recent airing of The Challenge: Double Agents Reunion brought more attention to Fessy Shafaat, as he continues to claim he is unbeatable when it comes to physical eliminations.

Fessy has yet to lose in elimination. So far, he has only had to go into purely physical eliminations, unlike some of the other competitors who have had puzzles involved in their elimination events.

As Fessy’s claims arrived once again during the reunion on MTV, some of the OG competitors gave their thoughts including All Stars Mark Long, KellyAnne Judd, and Laterrian Wallace.

The Challenge: All Stars react to Fessy’s elimination brag

Many viewers saw former Big Brother star Fessy make his debut on MTV’s The Challenge with Season 35, Total Madness. During that season, the rookie was sent into an elimination and then competed against Jordan Wiseley in a Pole Wrestle event. Fessy dominated that challenge against Jordan, who has only one hand.

Fessy returned to compete on Season 36, The Challenge: Double Agents. During the most recent season, he went into elimination twice. Both times, Fessy competed in the classic Hall Brawl elimination. In the first, he defeated Nelson Thomas in two rounds. In the second, he went against Kyle Christie and won the first round. After that round, Kyle had a broken finger and was medically disqualified, so Fessy got the win.

Kyle’s elimination came up during Part 1 of the reunion, and it appears Nelson’s elimination will come up during Part 2 of the Double Agents Reunion. Meanwhile, in the spotlight during Part 1 was also Fessy’s claim that nobody can defeat him in a physical elimination since he’s 3-0.

During the reunion episode, video footage was shown from when Fessy originally made the claim.

“I don’t think people can beat me in a one-on-one, man-on-man physical elimination. Nobody in the history of The Challenge can beat me in a physical elimination,” Fessy claimed during the video clip.

Enter The Godfather Mark Long from The Challenge: All Stars. For those who have seen any video or images of the OG lately, he’s looking more jacked than ever, and based on his performances on All Stars, he’s still a beast at The Challenge.

“News Flash I could beat Fessy in a physical elimination…Regards, The Champ Champ,” Fessy tweeted during MTV’s reunion special.

the challenge star mark long on fessy elimination claim
Pic credit: @TheMarkLong/Twitter

Mark’s tweet received plenty of positive reactions from fans with over 4,500 Likes as of this report. In addition, several of his castmates from The Challenge: All Stars chimed in.

That included Laterrian Wallace, who recently proved himself in a physical elimination years after he last appeared on The Challenge and did quite well during a recent daily challenge on All Stars Episode 5.

“My money is on The Godfather! Big facts!” Laterrian replied, giving full support of Mark to take out Fessy in an elimination. One has to wonder if Laterrian might do pretty well himself too.

laterrian wallace replies to the challenge all stars castmate
Pic credit: @latwall/Twitter

Their All Stars co-star, KellyAnne Judd, also jumped in, reminding everyone that Fessy is unable to handle a certain part of The Challenge. When it comes to eating events, it seems Fessy needs to work on his game for future seasons.

“Could definitely beat him in an eating one from what I’m hearing,” Kellyanne replied.

kellyanne judd replies to mark long tweet about fessy shafaat
Pic credit: @KellyAnneJudd/Twitter

Rivals II star also reacted to Fessy’s remarks

Marlon Williams, who first appeared on MTV’s The Real World: Portland alongside Jordan Wiseley and other Challengers, competed on the Rivals II season. He has yet to return to the show but has been dedicated to bodybuilding since his time appearing on the competitive reality TV series.

He also weighed in on Fessy’s remarks and based on his tweet, he doesn’t believe the Double Agents star’s claim one bit.

“Can’t get beat by anybody in challenge history in a physical elimination [three laughing emojis],” Fessy tweeted, clearly showing he knows he’d give him problems.

the challenge marlon williams tweets about fessy eliminations claim
Pic credit: @blackzeusfit/Twitter

A fan replied to Marlon, suggesting that even some of the other newer stars, including Tony Raines, could be tough for Fessy to take out in a physical elimination. Marlon agreed with those sentiments and added that he believes a certain Double Agents star could still defeat Fessy.

“100% plus Nelson is more of a threat with proven wins than Fessy,” Marlon replied. Nelson holds a 9-4-1 record in eliminations, which is certainly impressive over his seven seasons.

the challenge marlon williams replies to fan tweet
Pic credit: @blackzeusfit/Twitter

Nelson and Fessy’s Hall Brawl elimination and the aftermath will be one of the themes on Part 2 of the reunion, coming to MTV on Wednesday, May 5. Meanwhile, it’s unknown when it might happen, but it seems a few of the OGs would like a shot at Fessy in elimination in a future season or spinoff.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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