The Challenge: Former finalist reveals she had miscarriage before New Year’s Eve holiday

the challenge rivals ii cast members in thailand
Cast members from MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals II season in Thailand in 2013. Pic credit: Paramount+

A former finalist of MTV’s The Challenge recently revealed that she went through some tough circumstances to close out the year, sharing that she suffered a miscarriage.

Heather Cooke, who appeared on MTV’s The Real World and later on one season of The Challenge, shared the recent news about her situation.

She explained that it happened just as the holidays were arriving and that she spent the day before New Year’s Eve in the hospital. Cooke said she wanted to share her story with others so they’d “know they are not alone” in the situation.

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Cooke shares update about her miscarriage

In an Instagram post on January 2, Real World and The Challenge star Heather Cooke updated fans on how the holidays were rough on her and her husband.

She indicates that they went to their first appointment for her second pregnancy just a few days before Christmas. Unfortunately, the doctor told them that Cooke was likely to miscarry.

“We were crushed for obvious reasons. While I wasn’t looking forward to the holidays now, it was the distraction I needed and it gave me even more gratitude for all I have. My friends were also very supportive during this time. A few in particular helped me advocate for myself as well as help me understand what was going on (you ladies know who you are ?). And last but not least my number one was there for every minute of the pain (obviously Mikey ❤️ ),” Cooke shared in her IG post.

Cooke says she chose to have a “d&c,” which refers to dilation and curettage. In this procedure, the uterus is dilated to remove abnormal tissues inside the uterus with a spoon-shaped instrument known as a curette. Cooke said she wanted to “move on sooner” and make her life “easier mentally and physically.”

She adds that they spent the day before New Year’s Eve in the hospital but that she is now “physically recovered for the most part,” and they are hoping for the joy they seek in the new year.

“I share my story so that others know they are not alone. Up to 25% of pregnancies can result in miscarriage. It could affect anyone you know. Sending my love to others that have been there whether pregnancy difficulty, loss, and/or postpartum difficulty. Building a family can be hard and we should be supportive in whatever ways we can,” Cooke said in her post.

Cooke was Rivals II finalist, All Stars alternate

Fans first saw Heather Cooke from The Real World: Las Vegas show up during MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals II season. Her original partner for the season was her castmate Naomi Defensor, with who she had issues during their RW season due to their mutual interest in another castmate, Leroy Garrett.

Unfortunately, Naomi had to leave the season very early, which meant Cooke would get a new partner. They gave Cooke the surprise teammate Cara Maria Sorbello for the season.

They’d go on to perform exceptionally well, reaching the final in Cooke’s rookie season. The duo ultimately finished as runner-ups to Paula Meronek and Emily Schromm, and Cooke banked over $17,000 in prize money during that season.

She never returned after that, although she had some opportunities. However, fans nearly saw her make a comeback as one of the OG cast members for The Challenge: All Stars.

Cooke was flown out with other cast members to Argentina for the spinoff’s first season. However, Cooke was one of the alternates to replace any cast members who got disqualified. They eventually sent Cooke home as they didn’t need her for the season.

It’s currently unknown how many more seasons of the spinoff will be released and if Cooke will appear in any. Many fans are still rooting for a Heather Cooke comeback on The Challenge, but for now, the best thing is that she’s regaining her health after her unfortunate circumstances.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus from MTV and is expected to return in 2022. The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount +.

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