The Challenge: Fans react to Natalie Anderson’s video about returning to compete again

natalie anderson during the challenge double agents season
Natalie Anderson in The Challenge: Double Agents season. Pic credit: MTV

Fans of The Challenge are pretty dedicated when it comes to wanting to see specific competitors return to the show again.

It becomes a common question for many former and current Challengers regarding their plans to compete in another season, with some cast members getting asked or told about it all the time.

It even inspired former Survivor champion and one-time Challenge competitor Natalie Anderson to post a quick video on the topic, leading to fans showing how much they want her back on the show.

Natalie shares video about The Challenge fans’ questions

It’s been a small break for Natalie Anderson, who originally appeared on MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents season. During that rookie season, she immediately proved herself as a serious threat to the veteran competitors.

In just the first episode, the Survivor: San Juan del Sur winner went into elimination early due to others trying to get rid of her teammate, two-time champion Wes Bergmann.

It ended up being a women’s elimination, and Natalie had to go up against another two-time champion, CT Tamburello’s teammate Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell.

In the Fire Escape elimination, Natalie defeated Ashley, surprising many viewers and making an early impression on other competitors.

However, her time was short-lived, as due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to go home several episodes later due to being surprised with a positive pregnancy test while filming.

Natalie stayed off the show during Spies, Lies & Allies, and fans took note as new Survivor competitors showed up. However, it appears Natalie has fans requesting her to return to the show quite often.

She shared the IG video below in which she humorously describes how many times she’s been told, not asked, to go on MTV’s competition series. Based on the clip, it’s a lot!

Fans seem fully behind Natalie returning to the show

With Natalie’s funny new video came many comments from fans who are ready to see her return to the show and show the other competitors how it’s done.

“Because we all know you would slay the competition aspect.. be genuinely entertaining.. and win the grand prize!!! We NEED you back on the @challengemtv @bunimmurray,” one fan commented.

challenge fan reacts natalie anderson returning to compete
Pic credit: @natalieand/Instagram

One fan explained that even if the comment Natalie gets repeatedly is annoying, it’s probably due to how impressive she was on Survivor and as a Challenge rookie in her limited appearance.

challenge fan comments natalie anderson ig post
Pic credit: @natalieand/Instagram

One person asked Natalie how many more times she needs to be told or asked to return to The Challenge before she does it.

challenge fan asks natalie anderson how many more times
Pic credit: @natalieand/Instagram

Another fan said Natalie needs to give the fans what they want and “save” everyone from watching the “sissys” who “skate to a final” without setting foot in an elimination.

the challenge fan comments about natalie anderson return to the challenge
Pic credit: @natalieand/Instagram

Even one of her former Double Agents castmates reacted to the video, as Cory Wharton said he’d go on CBS’ Survivor if she goes back on The Challenge.

cory wharton comments natalie anderson ig post
Pic credit: @natalieand/Instagram

As of this report, an official cast for The Challenge Season 38 hasn’t been revealed, but availability calls are rumored to have gone out weeks ago. Based on more rumors, the show could begin filming this coming March.

Based on the reactions to Natalie’s video, many fans want to see the 35-year-old Natalie Anderson return to The Challenge rather than seeing a new Survivor or Big Brother rookie in her place.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus on MTV and is expected to return in 2022.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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