The Challenge: Fans react to Johnny Bananas’ potential Ride or Dies friendship with rival castmate

johnny bananas in the challenge ride or dies season footage
Johnny Bananas is back for another season of The Challenge with Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

Over multiple seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, there’s been no love lost between Johnny Bananas and castmate Devin Walker, but time tends to heal all wounds.

The two rivals have been at one another’s throats in previous seasons, including one where Devin took out Bananas in elimination and another where they nearly got into a physical altercation.

Based on some sneak peek footage for Ride or Dies, it appears these two former foes will put their differences aside as veteran castmates in the new season.

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In a preview clip, viewers get to see Bananas and Nany Gonzalez as they officially join the rest of the cast at The Challenge house and begin to strategize.

That could mean trouble for rookie opponents, as Bananas will probably look to form a powerful alliance with other vets en route to another appearance in the final.

This report may contain minor spoilers for the first few episodes of MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies.

Ride or Dies sneak peek features surprise friendship

Ahead of Ride or Dies Episode 2, @thechallenge unveiled a preview clip on Instagram featuring Bananas and Nany’s arrival at The Challenge house. The duo joined the game in Season 38’s premiere episode following the first elimination event at The Zone.

There were surprised looks on the faces of many cast members, with Devin among those who seemed happy to see Bananas’ return. However, one had to wonder if they’d have trouble getting along based on their past.

In the sneak peek video, it appears Bananas becomes Devin’s roommate, so they’ve come a long way.

“Me and him have had a checkered past. Some would even call us rivals,” Devin says in a confessional interview, adding, “I’m willing to put all that to the side because this game requires multiple pairs to be working together.”

Devin also admits he’s “happy” to see Bananas as the two start moving their beds next to each other so they can become even closer.

The Bananas-Nany duo is one of several Heavy Hitters teams participating in Season 38. Others include veterans Jordan Wiseley teaming with Aneesa Ferreira and Veronica Portillo with Darrell Taylor.

During a video interview for US Weekly, Bananas brought up his situation with Devin, saying they previously “hated each other” and he didn’t know walking into the game what the “dynamic would be like” between them.

Fans react to Bananas and Devin’s potential alliance

As one might expect, The Challenge fans had mixed reactions upon seeing Devin and Bananas’ possible friendship or alliance. Some were in favor of the two working together, while others slammed it.

One fan said they were happy to see the two “put the past aside” and even dubbed the new besties as “Banavins.”

fan dubs bananas and devin as banavins
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

“Bananas is making alliances with former rivals every season,” one fan commented, bringing up how he became friends with longtime rival Wes Bergmann in the Total Madness season.

fan comments about devin and bananas friendship
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

“Bananas and Wes I can handle………Devin???? No,” another fan commented on the IG post.

fan comments devin and bananas as allies
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Another fan questioned Bananas’ decision to befriend Devin, suggesting that the seven-time Challenge champ had been “bashing” Devin on his podcast.

the challenge fan bashes bananas friendship with devin
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Devin and Bananas had near fight at Challenge reunion

Fans last saw Devin and Bananas as castmates during the Final Reckoning season in 2018. Devin was teamed up with Cory Wharton, while Bananas partnered with Tony Raines.

The two teams crossed paths, with Tony and Cory getting into it over some food. At one point, Cory bodyslammed Tony on the pavement during their altercation, leading to Cory and Devin’s disqualification from the season.

Ahead of that, Devin and Bananas got into it, as Devin felt The Challenge champ had been disrespectful of Devin’s father passing away. That carried over to the reunion, where Devin confronted Bananas for his remarks during the season, even walking up and standing over him for a potential fight.

The Challenge| Final Reckoning| Bananas vs Devin

Devin and Bananas also appeared together as castmates in the prior season, Vendettas. The two were not friends whatsoever then, and Devin even requested to take on Bananas in elimination.

He got his wish and defeated The Challenge champ in Not so Bright, a large light-up board game. That sent Bananas home for the season, ending his chances at the championship.

Based on the above instances, the two have quite some history and intense moments on-screen. However, it looks like the former rivals may have overcome their differences in hopes of building a powerful alliance en route to the final.

Time will tell if this becomes a solid friendship or if there’s any backstabbing along the way!

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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