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The Challenge: Fans react to All Stars 3 cast members appearing in Telephone music video clip

derrick kosinski and jonna mannion in all stars 3 tiktok video
Derrick Kosinski and Jonna Mannion appear in All Stars 3 TikTok video. Pic credit: @challengemtv/TikTok

The Challenge OGs are back for a third season, with a cast consisting of fan favorites from MTV’s Real World and Road Rules shows. Among the competitors in The Challenge: All Stars 3 are Derrick Kosinski, Tina Barta, Syrus Yarbrough, and Jonna Mannion.

MTV recently released a new promotional video featuring various cast members discussing their motivations for returning to the competition series, with some back for the love of the game and others looking for revenge.

In addition to that video, they’ve released a fun TikTok music video featuring a handful of the All Stars as they say hello. Challenge fans reacted to the latest clip, giving their thoughts on the upcoming season.

The Challenge releases All Stars 3 TikTok music video

MTV’s The Challenge currently exists on multiple social media platforms with a presence on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok. As of this writing, the @challengemtv TikTok has over 63,000 followers.

On Friday, they shared a music video clip featuring OGs from the cast of All Stars 3. It’s set to a remix of Telephone by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce and kicks off with All Stars 2 champion Jonna Mannion, followed by Sylvia Elsrode as they strut to the music.

The clip also brings in other stars for the quick music video, including Tina Barta, Nehemiah Clark, Derrick Kosinski, and Syrus Yarbrough. Several of the cast members in the clip are returning after appearing in at least one All Stars spinoff season, while Sylvia is one of the newest cast members.


Say hello 👋 to some of the All Stars from TheChallengeAllStars3, premiering MAY 11TH on paramountplus! 🤩 #TheChallenge #telephone

♬ telephone electrolightz remix – JP 🔥

Host TJ Lavin revealed in the official All Stars 3 trailer that this season would only feature competitors who’ve reached or won a final during their Challenge careers. Other newcomers to the spinoff will include Nia Moore, Wes Bergmann, Jordan Wiseley, Kailah Casillas, Roni Chance Martin, and Cynthia Roberts.

Fans react to The Challenge: All Stars 3 TikTok clip

With the arrival of the fun-filled clip featuring some of the All Stars 3 cast, fans weighed in with their thoughts on who “slayed” or performed best in the video, as well as comments about the upcoming season.

fans comment on all stars 3 tiktok video clip
Pic credit: @challengemtv/TikTok

One fan proclaimed All Stars 2 winner Jonna Mannion as the “face of the franchise” when it comes to the spinoff series.

fan comments tiktok all stars 3 video jonna
Pic credit: @challengemtv/TikTok

Another fan pointed out Nehemiah doesn’t seem to have aged a bit since his earlier appearances on MTV’s Real World and Challenge shows.

fan comments nehemiah challenge tiktok clip
Pic credit: @challengemtv/TikTok

“Can’t wait for the new season,” another fan commented on the clip.

fan says excited about all stars 3 season
Pic credit: @challengemtv/TikTok

The latest season is stacked with OG competitors who have won championships, including Darrell Taylor, Mark Long, Jordan, Wes, Veronica Portillo, and also the winners of the first two All Stars seasons. Yes, Duffy, MJ Garrett, and Jonna Mannion are all back for the competition as part of the cast of 24.

Fans will get to start enjoying all the OG’s antics and adventures soon as The Challenge: All Stars 3’s first episode hits Paramount Plus on Wednesday, May 11.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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