The Challenge: Double Agents stars tease new ‘anthem’ they recorded together

the challenge stars tease they recorded new music together
Did Joseph Allen, Lio Rush, and Jay Starrett of The Challenge: Double Agents record a new song? Pic credit: Joseph Allen/YouTube

With Season 36 of The Challenge, viewers have met three different rookies involved in recording music and attempting to get their careers going further.

Now, three of The Challenge: Double Agents stars appear to have linked up during their offseason to create something new for fans to enjoy.

They recently showed off their get-together and studio recording session while possibly giving fans a preview of an inspired musical collaboration.

Double Agents stars team up for collaboration

Double Agents rookie Joseph Allen is known for his previous time on America’s Got Talent, where he earned a Gold Buzzer from Howie Mandel. He released a new album on various platforms following his brief time on The Challenge.

Joseph also recently got together with fellow Challenge rookie Lio Rush and two-season competitor Jay Starrett. Lio has been known to create his own music, which is also available on various platforms. Jay isn’t known as a recording artist per se, but he may have some musical talents to lend to the mix too.

The Challenge trio appears to have gone into the studio to record something, which they teased on various social media platforms.

“If we’re gonna do it, we have to do it big! Did I link up with my friends @thelionelgreen & @jqskim from MTV’s @challengemtv and make an anthem? MAYBE ? #thechallenge #thechallenge36,” Joseph wrote in the caption while sharing a video teasing the collaboration.


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Lio Rush also shared an Instagram post talking about the collaboration, so it’s seeming like it could be something legit on the way from the three Challenge stars.

“This past week i was able to get with my @challengemtv brothers out here in a studio in LA! @itsjosephallen , @jqskim , We created something special that I believe will rock the foundation of @mtv and #TheChallenge fan nation. ? The #Anthem is coming! #ThisIsAwesome #MTV,” Rush shared in his IG post’s caption along with a teaser video and photo of himself with Jay and Lio.

Joseph looking for Airrack collab

As of this report, it’s unknown if and when an actual song will be released, or if this was more just the three of them having some fun in the studio. If they did record something new, Challenge fans would certainly want to hear it.

As part of Joseph’s IG Story, he also revealed that @airrack gave a goal of getting 20,000 Likes on a YouTube collab. So there may be no actual music coming, and it was more of a viral tease to get Likes.

the challenge likes airrack ig story joseph allen
Pic credit: @itsjosephallen/Instagram Story

Airrack, real name Erick Decker, is a 23-year-old viral content creator who did the popular couch series along with Logan Paul. Decker currently has over one million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Joseph is now attempting to get 20,000 Likes on his recent YouTube video (below) so that he can collab with Airrack.

Joseph shares longer video featuring Jay, Lio, Amber M.

Joseph’s official YouTube channel features a new vlog in which he hangs out with Jay and Lio in the studio and also attempts some surfing. He also mixes in other comedic bits and segments.

One of those is a wacky challenge where Joseph is blindfolded in the kitchen and has fellow Double Agents rookie Amber M and her friend trying to guide him to cook and get things from the cupboards.

It’s a fun video, showing off the lighter side of Challenge stars, minus all the drama that goes on with some of the cast’s social media posts and exchanges.

Joseph Allen’s rookie season on The Challenge may not have gone quite the way he wanted, but it seems likely fans have not seen the last of this rising reality TV star. Based on comments after the show, Joseph seems like he wants to return to compete again and show improvements in the game.

If not, it seems he is in the progress of lining up plenty of lucrative career options aside from trying to win big money on The Challenge.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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