The Challenge documentary: Aneesa Ferreira, Johnny Bananas among cast members who filmed for project

aneesa ferreira and johnny bananas
Aneesa Ferreira and Johnny Bananas are among the many cast members involved in The Challenge documentary. Pic credit: MTV

After 37 regular seasons of MTV’s The Challenge and several spinoffs filmed, a documentary is on the way featuring many of the stars from the show who will be talking about the reality series’ history.

An insider has revealed many of the cast members featured in the documentary, which is currently untitled.

Cast members will include seven-time champion Johnny Bananas, Aftermath host Devyn Simone, and The Challenge: All Stars winners Jonna Mannion and Yes Duffy, among others.

Insider reveals cast members in The Challenge documentary

Details arrived for many projects and series related to The Challenge in the past several weeks, including an upcoming Challenge workout series and the CBS spinoff.

In addition to cast members filming the workout series with two-time winner Rachel Robinson, many cast members filmed interviews and scenes for an upcoming Challenge documentary.

On Friday, insider @jaychallenge1 provided an Instagram post showing off many of those cast members.

photos of cast in the challenge documentary
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

Multiple champions from the show will appear in the project, such as seven-time champ Johnny Bananas, three-time winners Derrick Kosinski and Veronica Portillo, and two-time winner Rachel Robinson. Tyler Duckworth, Mark Long, Nehemiah Clark, Syrus Yarbrough, and All Stars winner Yes Duffy are also featured.

New school Challenge stars such as Tori Deal, Cory Wharton, Amanda Garcia, Devyn Simone, and Nelson Thomas are also shown.

Other stars from the show who filmed for the documentary include Tina Barta, Aneesa Ferreira, Katie Cooley, Landon Lueck, Laurel Stucky, Nany Gonzalez, Jemmye Carroll, and All Stars 2 winner Jonna Mannion.

photo of cast filming for challenge documentary
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

As of right now, there aren’t any further details about the documentary, such as how long its runtime will be, when it will premiere, or where fans will be able to watch it. MTV or Paramount Plus seem like possible landing spots for the documentary.

Conspicuously absent from the photos above are five-time Challenge champion CT Tamburello, four-time champion Darrell Taylor, and three-time champion Jordan Wiseley. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t be a part of the documentary.

Other Challenge projects and series on the way

The Challenge documentary is one of several items coming for fans of the series to check out. Next up on the schedule will be The Challenge: All Stars’ third season, coming to Paramount Plus on May 11.

In addition, The Challenge: CBS spinoff just started filming with a cast revealed via online spoilers and eliminations already underway.

Finalists from the show will compete in a two-part global tournament called The Challenge: War of the Worlds on Paramount Plus. Other finalists will come from spinoff shows The Challenge: UK, The Challenge: Argentina, and The Challenge: Australia.

There’s also a Challenge book arriving in October, featuring former Challenge winners giving others their advice and insight for how to win at the show and in life.

Many fans are also awaiting The Challenge Season 38. As of this report, it’s believed that casting calls have gone out to veterans and potential rookies, but there are no spoilers or confirmed reports of who will appear.

As of this report, there’s also no official premiere date for the next MTV season, but it’s expected that filming will begin in April or May.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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