The Challenge workout series to launch featuring Mark Long, Tori Deal, and other cast members

the challenge spies lies and allies cast members
A new Challenge workout series is coming to YouTube in April. Pic credit: MTV

A brand new workout series featuring multiple stars from MTV’s The Challenge is on the way, hosted by two-time champion Rachel Robinson.

The former Road Rules: Campus Crawl star will guide viewers through each workout, focusing on a specific body part, with assistance from another Challenge star.

The video series is similar to another one the show ran in conjunction with the Double Agents season in 2020 and is the latest in a batch of Challenge-related series and projects coming this year.

Rachel Robinson to host The Challenge workouts

Competing on MTV’s The Challenge takes various aspects, including mental toughness, political and social game, and of course, physical abilities.

That physical component involves plenty of training away from the show and while filming. Thanks to a new workout series, fans will now be able to train with some of The Challenge stars.

As People exclusively reported on Wednesday, the workout series will have Rachel Robinson as the host, a Challenge winner during The Gauntlet and The Duel II seasons. She’ll be the instructor for each 30-minute class focused on specific areas, including full-body strength, legs, back and chest, or abs and butt.

Joining Rachel for each workout will be another Challenge cast member, including Mark Long, Devyn Simone, Nelson Thomas, Cory Lay, Nicole Zanatta, and Tori Deal.

A Spies, Lies & Allies finalist, Tori recently showed her fit physique, posing in a lime green bikini for her birthday. In the past year, she also moved to Miami, Florida, where Robinson also lives and teaches as a Barry’s Miami Master Trainer.

Robinson shared a recent video on her Instagram featuring Tori and her Season 37 co-star Josh Martinez, also based in the Miami area.

Fans can officially watch the new Challenge series on YouTube beginning on April 18.

Tori appeared in previous Challenge workout classes

Ahead of The Challenge: Double Agents season, Tori Deal was part of a series of virtual classes online, presented in conjunction with Barry’s Bootcamp.

Rachel Robinson was the instructor for those classes, which also featured Double Agents stars Nelson Thomas, Nany Gonzalez, and Natalie Anderson.

Tori revealed then that she used YouTube workout videos as part of how she trained for Double Agents due to gyms being closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Sometimes I put on a YouTube video and I’m like, ‘I’m going to do this YouTube HIIT class workout by myself in my room with no weights until I feel like I’m sweating enough,” Deal told People.

Tori also said the mentality she believes in when training is “by any means necessary.” The multi-time Challenge finalist often shows off her workouts on her Instagram via photos, videos, and clips on her Story.

In addition, she’s shared several workouts on her YouTube channel in previous years, including the Birth to Abs video below.

Challenge workouts one of several new items on way

The Challenge workouts coming to YouTube are just one of many new series or projects coming for fans of the show to check out.

Weeks ago, The Challenge CBS spinoff was revealed, which will feature only stars from CBS reality TV shows, including Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, Survivor, and Love Island.

The show’s finalists move on to a global tournament called The Challenge: War of the Worlds, where the winner becomes Challenge World Champion.

The tournament will also feature finalists from three other Challenge spinoffs based in the UK, Argentina, and Australia.

In addition to that, an online insider recently revealed another “Challenge-type” series would film featuring Netflix reality TV stars from shows including Love Is Blind, The Circle, and Too Hot to Handle.

Other upcoming projects or shows include a book about Challenge champions due in October and The Challenge: All Stars 3 spinoff coming to Paramount Plus in May.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount+.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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