The Challenge: CT Tamburello addresses situation with his wife: ‘I woke up in the dog house’

ct tamburello during the challenge spies lies and allies season
CT Tamburello addressed fan speculation that he and his wife had broken up. Pic credit: MTV

Five-time Challenge champion Chris “CT” Tamburello wants fans to know that he loves his wife, as he posted a recent update following what appears to be a misunderstanding.

During a video update, The Challenge star mentioned he “woke up in the dog house” due to a previous post he shared on social media.

However, he let fans know what was going on and tried to clear up any misconceptions since it seemed many people felt his marriage was in jeopardy.

CT Tamburello shares rare video update

In an Instagram video update, Spies, Lies & Allies winner CT Tamburello addressed fans, letting him know that although he tends to be private on his social media, he felt this was important to address.

“Hey guys, quick PSA about my post from last night. I love my wife. We’re not breaking up,” CT shared at the start of his video. 

“I’m sorry if I misled some of you into believing that we were breaking up. That was not my intention,” he added.

CT, wearing a heavy black jacket featuring The Challenge logo, explained that he’s away filming right now.

“We were in between scenes, and I was listening to some music, and you know I like that song. I like that remix, so I figured I’d post it. Why not? And I didn’t think anything of it,” CT said.

The Challenge legend said he finished work and went to bed exhausted, but then “woke up in the dog house” due to all the comments about him and his wife.

“I can understand why she’s upset. I mean embarrassed by the comments,” he continued, adding, “People gotta chill.”

CT didn’t mention what he was filming scenes for, but the most recent project he’s attached to is the movie The Most Dangerous Game, which also stars Tom Berenger, Bruce Dern, and Judd Nelson in the cast. As of this report, there’s no season of The Challenge known to be filming yet.

CT shared song with hashtags that led to speculation

In CT’s Instagram video, he mentions he liked a particular song, and that’s why he chose to share it on his social media. That song was, according to fans, Halsey’s Without Me remix.

Another fan mentioned in the Instagram video comments that CT included some curious hashtags with the song.

According to the fan, those hashtags included “#notit, #allyours,#howsitfeel, #sohigh,#carefulwhatyouwishfor, and #poof,” which may have led to some fan speculation about CT and his wife.

fan explains ct tamburello instagram hashtag and comments
Pic credit: @_famous4nothing/Instagram

CT mentioned marriage trouble during Season 36

CT and his wife, Lilianet Solares, have been married since 2018, one year after welcoming son Christopher Tamburello, Jr, into the world. They tied the knot in Miami, Florida, and their September wedding ceremony ended up as part of an MTV special called The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married.

Things got a bit rocky for their relationship in 2020 as CT revealed he and Solares had separated while he’d been filming The Challenge: Double Agents season.

That revelation popped up in a promotional clip ahead of the season where CT mentioned what had been going on in his life.

“Marriage was not going well. We’re separated,” he said in The Challenge clip. “I feel like I’ve been running from problems for a long time, and I feel like they finally caught up with me. And I couldn’t lie to myself anymore.”

“So now, I’m coming in, focused on myself, focused on work, focused on my son, focused on getting my head right, get back in shape. Taking my life back,” CT said, according to People.

The couple reconciled, though, and based on CT’s recent comments, he may be in the “dog house” right now, but he still loves his wife. According to CT, fans need to “chill out” when it comes to the quick speculation.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus on MTV and is expected to return in 2022.

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