The Challenge’s CT Tamburello, Tom Berenger to star in remake of classic 1930s film

ct tamburello appears in the challenge spies lies and allies
Chris “CT” Tamburello during The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season. Pic credit: MTV

Chris “CT” Tamburello, a longtime star of MTV’s The Challenge, will appear in a remake of the classic film, The Most Dangerous Game.

The former Real World: Paris roommate and multiple-time Challenge champion will star in a cast that includes Oscar nominee Tom Berenger in the upcoming film.

CT has previously appeared in film, but this seems to be the reality TV star’s biggest project to date. Could it mean a significant career move for The Challenge OG?

CT gets starring role in The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game will feature Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tom Berenger (Platoon, Major League) in starring roles, with writer-director Justin Lee, known for his film Final Kill, involved in the production of the project. The movie is currently in production in the Pacific Northwest, per Deadline.

The 1932 film, based on a 1924 short story of the same name by Richard Connell, starred Joel McCrea, Fay Wray, and Leslie Banks. The plot involved a luxury yacht stranded on a remote island due to a psychotic big game hunter’s intentions to hunt the passengers for sport.

However, the remake will get a Hollywood twist. The updated version will involve a father and son who wash ashore after their steamer ship explodes. They’ll seek refuge on an island and encounter a “nefarious” man named Baron Von Wolf, who will inform them he hunts humans like game on his island.

CT shared the big news with a post on his official Instagram, showing off a screenshot of Deadline’s article next to a still photo of himself, possibly in his role.

Tom Berenger plays the role of a man who has been hiding out on the island. However, his character’s “sanity is on the verge of collapse.” Details are currently scarce about CT’s role, but Justin Lee praised him for playing a character named Sanger.

“I am beyond humbled to have such an amazing cast on this project and even more thankful that I get to shoot it in such a gorgeous location that I grew up in. What Chris has brought to the table in the role of Sanger is beyond exceptional, and I am very excited for the world to get to see what he is capable of as an actor,” Lee said, per Deadline.

Other cast members in the remake include Elissa Dowling, Kevin Porter, Eddie Finlay, and Randy Charach. The film, which doesn’t have an official release date listed yet, will be produced by Koenig Pictures along with Quiet On Set, Charach Productions, and Greenfield Media.

Is CT leaving The Challenge for a movie career?

CT, 41, is currently appearing on MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season, which began airing several months ago. For the former Real Worlder, it’s his 19th regular-season appearance on the reality competition series.

He’s won four championships, including last season’s Double Agents win alongside teammate Amber Borzotra. As of this report, he’s tied with former castmate Darrell Taylor and three wins behind the Challenge legend, Johnny Bananas.

Bananas, who has the most wins of any Challenge competitor, has moved on to other projects in the worlds of television and podcasting, including hosting gigs on NBC’s 1st Look and Celebrity Sleepover. Weeks ago, he debuted a new Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast as part of The Ringer’s reality TV coverage.

CT hasn’t become a major star in Hollywood yet, but this makes for his second role in a narrative film within the past several years. In 2019, CT played Brett Mitchell in Johnny Hickey’s psychological horror film Habitual. CT said aspects of competing on MTV’s The Challenge helped him prepare for the role.

In addition to his movie roles, CT has a role in 2022’s D.O.P.E. Unit TV series as Danny “Knocko” Shea listed on his IMDB page. The show is said to be in pre-production, as of this report.

Based on the latest movie news, one would have to wonder if it will tie up CT’s ability to commit to Season 38 of The Challenge. He’s also amongst Challenge cast members with family away from the show, with who he probably wants to spend more time.

That said, CT has not officially indicated he’s leaving The Challenge, but if he continues to land roles in films, he could become the next OG to leave the series for bigger things. Former Challenge stars Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Jamie Chung are a few other cast members who have enjoyed lucrative careers in the entertainment industry, post-reality TV.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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