The Challenge: All Stars OG calls out CT Tamubrello for Hall Brawl: ‘I’m not afraid of him’

chris ct tamburello face shot from the challenge battle for a new champion
Chris “CT” Tamburello appeared in The Challenge Season 39 to eliminate a cast member. Pic credit: MTV

Chris “CT” Tamburello is typically considered an intimidating competitor by most of his opponents on MTV’s The Challenge.

The five-time champion has shown abilities to excel in all aspects of the game, whether devouring disgusting food, solving puzzles, or physical tasks.

While he’s tamed his inner beast regarding physical altercations with castmates, that beast still exists regarding eliminations.

Fans often refer to his highlight moment when he wore castmate Johnny Bananas like a backpack to win an elimination.

While most competitors wouldn’t want to go against CT in a physical elimination, an All Stars cast member doesn’t seem fearful about challenging him.

The returning OG claimed he could defeat anyone in that classic elimination event despite not being part of the show for many years.

All Stars 4 competitor said he’s not scared of any Challenger, including CT

Viewers saw several former stars from MTV’s Road Rules and The Challenge return for All Stars 4, including Kefla Hare and Adam Larson. Despite their years away from the show, both showcased their abilities to compete and win an elimination.

While on the Zach Nichols Podcast, Kefla, 49, said he believes he could defeat anyone from The Challenge’s history in the elimination he did on All Stars 4.

Zach’s co-host, Pierre Caball, likened the event to a Hall Brawl inside a large tube with an aerobics ball between the competitors. Kefla defeated castmate Syrus Yarbrough in the event.

“In that game, I think I’m getting anybody,” Kefla said, explaining that his background from playing football helped.

“That’s when football really came in. Hitting and driving your feet,” he said, regarding his first-ever Challenge elimination and win.

screenshot from zach nichols podcast with kefla hare about hall brawl versus ct
Kefla Hare discussed Hall Brawl during the Zach Nichols Podcast. Pic credit: @zachicholspodcast/Instagram

Kefla said he wouldn’t be worried about taking on his All Stars 4 castmates, Adam and Leroy Garrett, or anyone else from the franchise.

“And even in history…Like they say, ‘Oh, CT is the monster.’ But in Hall Brawl, yeah, I’ll take him. I’m not afraid of him,” he said.

“He gonna have to whoop my a**,” Kefla said, possibly referring to online comments claiming that CT would defeat him.

Kefla mentioned seeing a Hall Brawl featuring helmets and shoulder pads on MTV’s show and felt it would be perfect for him to compete in. He also indicated he could defeat Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat in the event.

CT returns for The Challenge: Battle of the Eras

Kefla’s return for the All Stars 4 spinoff came after competing in just one season of The Challenge. The former Road Rules star previously won Season 2 of The Challenge, also known as Real World vs. Road Rules, nearly 25 years ago on MTV.

Meanwhile, CT, who turns 44 on July 16, will appear in his 20th season with The Challenge: Battle of the Eras, which will air on MTV in August. A former star of The Real World: Paris, he’s compiled a 6-5 elimination record and is seeking his sixth win on The Challenge.

However, it’s a 40-person cast, including former winners such as Mark Long, Darrell Taylor, Brad Fiorenza, and Derrick Kosinski, all of whom are on the same Era 1 team as CT.

In addition, he’ll have multi-time champions like Bananas and Jordan Wiseley, as well as hungry newcomers, including Kyland Young and Horacio Gutierrez, to contend with if he wants to win another season.

Although Kefla seems confident he could defeat CT in the physical elimination, he wasn’t included in the upcoming MTV season, so their Hall Brawl clash will have to wait.

The Challenge: Battle of the Eras premieres Wednesday, August 14, on MTV at 8/7c. The Challenge: All Stars 4 episodes are available on Paramount+.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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2 days ago

Kefla, the only thing you would be getting is a ambulance ride. Zach should have told you that himself. Zach, definitely wouldn’t want to face CT in hawl brawl.