The Challenge: All Stars’ Nehemiah Clark shares how he went from ‘rock bottom’ to homeowner

nehemiah clark during the challenge all stars 2
Nehemiah Clark during The Challenge: All Stars 2 season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Former The Real World and current The Challenge: All Stars OG, Nehemiah Clark, says he was at his “rock bottom” point in life two years ago but was able to turn things around.

He mentioned serious struggles after a breakup with his fiance, which left him heartbroken, homeless, and with no money in savings.

Fast forward to the present date, and Nehemiah’s officially a homeowner, as he credited hard work and assistance from a few of his fellow Challenge stars in helping him get to that point.

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Nehemiah shares he’s a new homeowner after ‘rock bottom’ times

In an Instagram post he shared Saturday morning, The Challenge: All Stars’ Nehemiah Clark announced he’s “officially a homeowner” and detailed his struggles after a rough breakup two years ago, mentioning how it impacted him emotionally and financially.

“I had just broken up with my fiancé, who I was with for 6 years. I gave her everything so I was homeless, zero savings, and so heartbroken, I couldn’t go a day without crying,” he shared in his caption.

He mentions that his former Real World castmate, The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann, called him to work on a project in Kansas City. Based on Nehemiah’s comments, he didn’t ask what the project was and made a 22-hour drive.

Nehemiah, 36, said around the time that he got to Kansas City, the pandemic had hit, and lockdowns went into effect.

“Instead of staying depressed, I got to work. Between 2020-2022, we filmed our own show called Friends and Benefits, I was hired by a tech company to do their Marketing and filming, I shot my first challenges in over 10 years, and made it to a final, and I worked around the clock. I saved every dollar I made,” he shared.

He explained why he wanted to share the story with others about his perseverance to find success despite rough times.

“I don’t ever share my tribulations with anyone, because I rather make ppl smile and feel good when they are around me. But I thought this was important because to me it truly shows the power of positive thoughts. No matter how bad it got, I always told myself ‘everything is working out for my good.’ And it truly was!” The Challenge star said.

In closing his caption, he thanked his friends and family for sticking by him during those rough times. In addition, he praised another Challenge star, Sylvia Elsrode, as she was the real estate agent that helped him purchase his new home.

His carousel post includes a video of him opening a bottle of champagne in celebration. Other slides feature photos of the interior and Nehemiah posing with Sylvia and Wes after buying the home.

Challenge cast members react to Nehemiah’s announcement

Nehemiah’s big news brought plenty of fans and some of The Challenge cast members to his comments section to congratulate him on his latest acquisition.

His friend Wes Bergmann was part of the journey and praised Nehemiah for working his “tail off for these victories” they are now celebrating.

wes bergmann comments about nehemiah clark home purchase
Pic credit: @nehemiahclark/Instagram

Nehemiah and Wes’ Real World: Austin and Challenge castmate Johanna Botta also offered a big congratulations.

johanna botta congratulates nehemiah clark
Pic credit: @nehemiahclark/Instagram

“Congratulations my friend! I’m so happy for you!” Cara Maria Sorbello commented on Nehemiah’s Instagram post.

cara maria sorbello comments nehemiah clark home purchase
Pic credit: @nehemiahclark/Instagram

The Challenge: All Stars’ Syrus Yarbrough praised his OG castmate as a “strong man,” calling him the “come back king.”

syrus yarbrough congratulates nehemiah clark on home purchase
Pic credit: @nehemiahclark/Instagram

Nehemiah, a former Challenge champion during The Gauntlet III, appeared in both seasons of Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars, reaching the final in Season 2 alongside former Real World castmate and teammate Melinda Stolp.

They finished in third place behind the second-place team of Darrell Taylor and Janelle Casaneve, and the winners, Jonna Mannion and MJ Garrett.

A third season of All Stars is on the way, although an official cast list has yet to arrive.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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