The Challenge star Wes Bergmann comments castmate might be ‘ready to take over the show’

the challenge star wes bergmann during total madness season
Wes Bergmann during The Challenge: Total Madness season. Pic credit: MTV

In recent seasons of The Challenge, viewers have seen one specific cast member dominate the competition, racking up the wins against cast members new and old.

Chris “CT” Tamburello captured victories in the Double Agents and Spies, Lies & Allies seasons, alongside teammates Amber Borzotra and Kaycee Clark.

Surprisingly, CT’s castmate Wes Bergmann feels another Big Brother star may be ready to take over the show, as he recently gave his thoughts on social media.

The Challenge star shares Gig Harbor photo

On Friday, two-time Challenge finalist and former Big Brother star Fessy Shafaat took to Instagram to share a scenic photo featuring himself in Gig Harbor, Washington.

It simply features Fessy standing in front of the water at Gig Harbor, situated near Puget Sound. He’s wearing a white jacket for the chilly weather along with blue jeans and Nike sneakers.

“ima give them something they can feel,” the Spies, Lies & Allies star wrote in his caption, a reference to a line from rapper J. Cole’s Middle Child.

Fessy currently has over 300,000 followers on his Instagram. As of this report, there were over 1,700 Likes and 47 comments on his photo. That included a few of his Challenge castmates leaving their thoughts about his look.

Among them were Corey Lay, Josh Martinez, and Wes Bergmann. Wes was one of Fessy’s castmates in the Total Madness and Double Agents seasons.

Wes thinks Fessy might be ‘ready to take over’ The Challenge

Often when Challenge cast members post content on social media, it’ll draw reactions from master commentators like Kyle Christie and Wes Bergmann, who throw sharp jabs at their castmates.

Wes seized the opportunity to praise Fessy’s look with a joke, saying he looks like he “evolved from an FBoi to a romance novelist.”

That brought a response from Fessy telling him he’s got a book coming soon, and he may need castmate Rogan O’Connor to pose for the cover.

the challenge wes bergmann leaves comment fessy photo
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Instagram

Wes asked Fessy why he wasn’t going to be the featured cover model for the book he mentioned, and Fessy fired back that it would have a “darker theme,” so Wes would be a “distraction aesthetically” if he were on the cover.

fessy fashaat comments on wes bergmann comments ig post
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Instagram

Fessy’s humorous reply was enough for Wes to say he’s getting the “impression” that his former castmate might be “ready to take over” the show.

That most likely means “take over The Challenge,” and based on who’s commenting, Wes believes it’s his show to take over. A few other cast members may have a bone to pick with Wes on that one.

the challenge wes bergmann ig comment fessy shafaat
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Instagram

Fessy’s Challenge history, Season 38 potential

Fessy’s shown the ability to reach the finals on The Challenge but failed to win in his attempts on Total Madness and Double Agents. While he was quiet during Total Madness, Double Agents season made him a polarizing figure based on his involvement with various castmates and not wanting to work with specific teammates.

The Double Agents final saw Fessy opt to have Kaycee Clark as his partner for the final rather than Amber Borzotra. As viewers saw, Amber went on to win the final with CT, while Kaycee suffered an unfortunate leg injury, costing her and Fessy a chance at prize money.

Fessy’s return for Spies, Lies & Allies featured several hookups and showmances, most notably Amanda Garcia. However, he also got involved in a heated altercation with his friend and castmate Josh Martinez. After footage revealed Fessy made contact with Josh’s face with his hand, Fessy got booted from the season for his actions.

As of this report, Season 38 of The Challenge has yet to begin filming, and there haven’t been any spoilers for which cast members will be in the show. One has to believe that Fessy was an individual called for the show, based on what he’s shown as a competitor and the fact he gets a strong reaction from the fans.

With each season, he’s advanced far in the game and probably has taken away essential lessons to build upon to help him eventually win the show if and when he returns.

If he can add that humor to his commentary and use clever verbal jabs with castmates in the episodes, he may start warming more fans up to him on the show. Quite possibly, Wes can give him some tips on how to take his humor to that next level.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount+.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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