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The Challenge: All Stars’ Jisela Delgado gives update on her situation with castmate Alton Williams

jisela delgado on the challenge all stars spinoff season
Jisela Delgado recently updated fans on how things are with her and Alton Williams. Pic credit: Paramount+

While a few hookups happened during The Challenge: All Stars spinoff season, the one that became prominent as a continuing storyline involved Jisela Delgado and Alton Williams.

The two appeared to have a strong relationship as they both reached the All Stars final, but after the show, they had to part ways as they live in different areas of the country.

Fans have been wondering how things are going between Jisela and Alton, and the former Road Rules star recently addressed that question.

Jisela Delgado tells fans ‘we are very conscious of our circumstances’

As many Challenge stars do, Jisela Delgado often allows fans to send her questions on her Instagram Story. She recently did that and received a question asking, “How are you and Alton?”

The 40-year-old Challenge star shared her reply. She indicated that they’re doing “great” and “still talk all the time,” adding that they are “still just great friends.”

“Should that ever change I promise to tell all you first,” Jisela shared.

“Just because we have not established a title doesn’t mean I care for him any less. It simply means that we are very conscious of our circumstances. Caring for someone doesn’t mean you stop because of distance or titles,” she said in her reply.

challengeteaa shares jisela delgado update about alton williams
Pic credit: @challengeteaa/Instagram

While Jisela tends not to shy away from social media, Alton has been much more private. In fact, he’s one of the few All Stars that doesn’t really use social media.

This could be due to Alton, 41, being a private person or someone else not wanting him to share details from their life, such as a significant other.

Alton’s relationship situation addressed on All Stars reunion

Speculation arrived ahead of The Challenge: All Stars episodes, and during their release on Paramount Plus, that the former Real World: Las Vegas star might be married.

However, those notions seemed to be put to rest during the All Stars reunion episode. While Alton was not part of that show to address things, Jisela was there, along with other castmates, to speak about his situation.

Based on what was said at the reunion, Alton has a child but is not in a relationship with the baby’s mother, although they may be close for the child’s sake. A few of the castmates at the reunion mentioned he talked about his baby mama as if he was with her or married.

Even so, Alton and Jisela seemed to have an undeniable connection during their time together filming the All Stars season.

Some fans speculate that maybe Alton put Jisela in the “friend zone,” which is also a possibility, but Jisela maintains they still care for each other quite a bit.

It appears if their circumstances should change as far as distance goes, they might pick up exploring their relationship further.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus. All Stars Season 2 is TBA for 2021 on Paramount Plus.