The Challenge: All Stars Jisela Delgado reacts to fans’ ‘reunion talk’ comments about Kendal and Aneesa

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Jisela Delgado during The Challenge: All Stars reunion Pic credit: Paramount+

Jisela Delgado is firing back at some of The Challenge fans following the recent All Stars reunion episode which included discussions of two castmates she had conflicts with during the season.

One of those castmates was Kendal Sheppard, who Jisela famously called out during deliberation due to feeling she wasn’t being held accountable for what happened during a daily challenge.

The other castmate was Aneesa Ferreira, who Jisela had a falling out with a bit later in the season. That was due to Jisela indicating that Aneesa lied to her face about voting for a certain cast member, and then she voted for someone else, even though she told her she wouldn’t do that to her.

Jisela addressed both castmates during the reunion, with neither castmate present to speak on their side of things. She recently reacted to fans on social media about the reunion and her situation with both castmates.

Jisela addresses her comments about Kendal at All Stars reunion

The All Stars reunion episode was released this past Thursday, June 3, and had many talking points. However, some of the biggest topics of discussion involved a few castmates who weren’t present for the reunion.

Kendal was one of those castmates as the cast discussed the incident during the trivia daily challenge. Cast members were on a huge platform up above the water, and with each incorrect answer they gave, they had to hop forward to a spot. Eventually, they’d land on a spot where the floor gave way beneath them, dropping them into the water below.

In a moment where she says she panicked and didn’t fully understand what TJ said to do, Kendal hopped to a place on the platform that was sturdy. TJ told her to hop back, and she seemed confused. Instead of going onto part of the platform that would fall out beneath her, she went and sat down on the platform as an indication she’d lost.

That made her the scapegoat for others to bring up as an easy nominee during voting for a female to go into elimination. Jisela called Kendal out during the deliberation, and although Kendal tried to explain what happened, she got flustered and didn’t do herself any favors. She ended up with the majority vote.

The topic came up early during the All Stars reunion episode, with Jisela and Jemmye Carroll each giving their thoughts on the Kendal situation. KellyAnne seemed to stand up for her friend since she wasn’t there. She later revealed on social media that she’d asked a producer to include Kendal at the reunion.

That said, the reunion was filmed weeks ago. Since everything that took place during the season, Jisela and Kendal have talked and mended things between them. Jisela mentioned it in a recent tweet reacting to the reunion episode.

She tweeted on Saturday evening, sharing a now-deleted tweet with it. It’s unknown what the original tweet included, but her newest tweet mentioned her and Kendal’s situation post-reunion.

“This is what I got for y’all and the reunion talk! I stand firm @KendalSheppard should have been there cause she is a grown a** woman that can talk for herself. I know I’ve had hours of lovely conversation with her!” Jisela tweeted.

jisela degaldo tweets about kendal comments from reunion episode
Pic credit: @JiselaDelgado/Twitter

In a follow-up to the above tweet, Jisela replied to a fan’s comment, which brought up another important point. The reunion episode was filmed a while back, and things have changed since then between her and Kendal.

“Not only was this done before she and I cleared the air, this was done without us ever watching the episodes or aftermath cause let me tell you that whole panel should have been comprised with so many other faces,” Jisela tweeted as a reply.

jisela delgado tweet about kendal sheppard and all stars reunion
Pic credit: @JiselaDelgado/Twitter

Fans often lose that perspective due to the tricky timing of how things are filmed and presented. While it may have seemed like another attack in a series of several against Kendal during the season, it was a topic brought up by the hosts during a reunion filmed weeks ago.

Based on Kendal’s comments about Jisela and vice versa, the two are actually on friendly terms now and have moved beyond the whole platform mishap during All Stars.

Jisela comments on her situation with Aneesa Ferreira

While Jisela and Kendal have talked and seemingly worked out any differences, that doesn’t appear to be the case between Jisela and Aneesa Ferreira. It’s apparent that Aneesa’s words and actions during the All Stars season didn’t sit well with Jisela, causing an issue between them.

They used to be close friends, and it appeared several castmates were trying to get them to put their differences aside during the reunion. Aneesa wasn’t present for the reunion to speak about it, and Jisela told her castmates to basically back off when it came to her personal relationship with someone.

She seems to be firing back at some fans about that too. She recently tweeted about fans “begging” her to work things out with a “toxic person” which seems to refer to Aneesa without naming her in the tweet.

“Also the way y’all begging me to be friends with a toxic person is really no surprise why mental health is not taken seriously in this country. Those of you msg me to forgive her really need to look inward and ask yourself WTF is your problem!” Jisela tweeted.

jisela delgado tweets to challenge fans about toxic person
Pic credit: @JiselaDelgado/Twitter

Based on the tweet above, Jisela seems to be standing firm by her decision to cut off Aneesa as a good friend due to what she felt her castmate did to her during the All Stars season. Fans may be rooting for some cast members to work out their differences, but it’s not always going to happen that way with how The Challenge goes.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.

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