The Challenge’s Kendal Sheppard reveals if Jisela Delgado apologized for All Stars situation

kendal sheppard during the challenge all stars interview
Kendal Sheppard recently addressed her situation with Jisela Delgado following The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

On The Challenge: All Stars, the OG cast members have mostly got along as they met up in Argentina and then got into the heat of competition.

However, the spinoff season has not been without its share of drama, including situations involving Katie Cooley and Trishelle Cannatella, and Aneesa Ferreira and Ruthie Alcaide.

There was some attention made on and off the show about a potential feud or situation involving castmates Kendal Sheppard and Jisela Delgado. They weren’t friends or allies going into the spinoff, and based on their interaction during the show, weren’t getting along there.

That said, Kendal recently let fans know where their situation stands, and whether or not Jisela has reached out to her about things.

Spoilers will follow in this report up through The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7.

All Stars episodes focused on Jisela vs. Kendal

Viewers saw Kendal become the popular vote to go into elimination in just the second episode of All Stars, due to the fact she had that memorable “hop” moment when she was on that rig hanging above the water.

Basically, cast members were participating in a trivia game while on a platform 30 feet above the water. If they answered a question incorrectly, TJ Lavin told them to step forward. They kept doing that with each wrong answer, and the floor below them got thinner, eventually giving way.

Kendal moved to the wrong spot after she answered a question wrong. TJ told her to hop to a certain spot and she hopped off the area where she was supposed to be. Since she felt she lost, she went and sat down on the rig, rather than falling into the water like all other cast members that lost did.

That led to Jisela confronting Kendal during deliberation about what she did, and despite Kendal’s attempts to explain, other cast members felt it was a good reason to vote her in. Kendal ended up winning the elimination against Trishelle and returned to continue competing on the show.

However, in a post she shared on her Instagram after the episode, she said that “deliberation was a nightmare for her” and while she can “quasi laugh at it now,” she never wants to watch it again.

Fast forward to All Stars Episode 7, where Jisela Delgado and Eric “Big Easy” Banks automatically went into elimination after being the worst-performing competitors in the daily challenge. The deliberation vote went in favor of Nehemiah Clark returning to his second elimination, and then he was allowed to pick one of the women’s competitors as a teammate.

Nehemiah chose Kendal due to the fact she’d been in two eliminations, with her other one coming in Episode 6 as Mark Long’s teammate. While Kendal and Nehemiah gave a strong effort, Big Easy came up with some outside the box strategy to win the elimination.

Following that, cast members hugged it out as Kendal and Nehemiah had to bid farewell to everyone. Viewers never saw was a hug between Kendal and Jisela, though, and that’s because there wasn’t one.

Kendal shares about the Jisela situation after All Stars

On Monday, May 17, Kendal hosted an Instagram Live (below) as she prepared a pizza for her family dinner. During the session, she took some time to answer fan questions, including those about The Challenge: All Stars.

As one might expect, someone asked Kendal since she wouldn’t be at All Stars reunion if anyone had apologized for their behavior toward her since filming ended. She went on to reveal that there had been apologies, and she and Jisela talked about things since filming the show.

“Jisela and I have talked. Not like a lot, but a lot at once,” Kendal revealed around 29 minutes into her IG Live (below). 

“I think there was a lot of misunderstands, period. But also, that house is designed to make you question everyone, everything, don’t trust anyone. It makes you really, really suspicious. Paranoid at times, and you have to find reasons to get rid of people,”  she said, bringing up alliances as part of the game.

“So apologies. Jisela and I have both apologized,” Kendal shared during her IG Live, adding, “She was not very kind to me. She’ll tell you.”

Kendal went on to say after she lost the elimination, she was pretty upset and did not hug Jisela before leaving. That apparently left Jisela upset despite what happened during the season.

“She was really upset that I didn’t hug her, and I thought, ‘Why in the world would she be upset?'” Kendal said, revealing she didn’t know about it until later on. She said Jisela later laughed over it all as she thought about it and realized why Kendal might not want to hug her.

She went on to say she sent Jisela a gift, a sort of peace offering or olive branch, following that All Stars situation.

“So I think you saw the bracelet I sent to her. It’s supposed to be a ‘hug’ since I didn’t hug her,” Kendal revealed.

Kendal also went on to share that castmate Mark Long also apologized in his own way, and that really a lot of people have been giving out apologies for things that happened during the show.

“So yeah, there were apologies going around everywhere. I think we’ve all apologized to each other for one thing or another. I’ve said a few,” Kendal shared in her IG video.

As mentioned, Kendal won’t be at the reunion, but Jisela and Mark will probably be present. So it will be interesting to hear what’s said then.

Even so, Jisela appears to be on the same page now with Kendal. She referred to her as a “#classact” in a recent retweet of Kendal’s comment supporting Jisela and Big Easy’s win.

jisela delgado of the challenge all stars retweets kendal
Pic credit: @jiseladelgado/Twitter

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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