The Challenge: All Stars 3 teaser clips reveal Tunnel Vision daily challenge, All Stars fantasy league

tj lavin in the challenge all stars 3 trailer
TJ Lavin hosts The Challenge: All Stars 3 spinoff season. Pic credit: Paramount+

MTV’s OGs are back for the third season of The Challenge: All Stars, and it doesn’t seem host TJ Lavin or production are going to take it any easier on the competitors, even if some of them are 50 and older.

A teaser clip has arrived online just ahead of the All Stars 3 premiere and gives a glimpse of the first daily event that competitors will be trying to win. Based on some of the cast members’ reactions, it’s not their strong point.

However, part of the selection process for eliminations is also revealed in the clip, possibly showing part of how things will work in the upcoming season.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 teaser clip features first daily challenge

On Tuesday, @thechallenge Instagram shared a two-minute-long teaser clip from the first episode of The Challenge: All Stars 3. Host TJ Lavin reveals that the first daily challenge for the competitors is called Tunnel Vision.

It’s played in two rounds and features a giant wall of vines. On the other side of the wall is a complex pattern that competitors have to memorize. The only way to see the pattern is by looking through the tunnels on the wall.

The competitors have to memorize the pattern, then head back to their game board and duplicate the pattern there exactly. The person who gets it done first wins, while the competitors who come in last go straight into elimination.

While it seems easy, some of the OGs realize that remembering things isn’t one of their top skills when it comes to competing.

“TJ tells us it’s a memory game, and you know my memory is-,” Laterrian Wallace says in a confessional, joking, “I forgot what I was saying. It’s old age, man. I don’t know how I’m gonna do this.”

“I have a good memory when it comes to remembering other people’s business, but I don’t have the best memory when it comes to shapes and animals, so it might be a long day.” Jemmye Caroll jokes in the clip.

“When it comes to puzzles, I’m so so. When it comes to colors, I’m a little color blind, but we gonna be alright,” Syrus Yarbrough says ahead of the daily event, adding he’s in better shape for this All Stars.

From there, TJ blows the horn, and the men’s round begins as competitors rush to the wall to try to get a look at the puzzle. Derrick Kosinski mentions how intricate and detailed the patterns are on each block, making it a complex daily event.

Based on the clip, there will be a men’s round and a women’s round. That means one male and one female will become safe from elimination, and they may even get to choose the nominees for elimination. This is similar to how the process worked in All Stars 2, with cast members getting to vote on who went into elimination.

The Challenge: All Stars fantasy league revealed

Along with the teaser clip for Episode 1 of The Challenge: All Stars, they announced a brand new fantasy game for the spinoff season. In a quick Instagram video, cast members including Tina Barta, Nehemiah Clark, and Derrick Kosinski give fans the details.

The fantasy league allows Challenge fans to predict specific things ahead of All Stars 3 episodes. For example, the first week’s questions include “Will someone quit a challenge?” and “Will one of the vets break down in tears?”

The fantasy league is only available through the Facebook app for Android and iOS mobile devices. While a link is provided in the Instagram post above, the easiest way to get to the fantasy game is using the link on The Challenge Facebook post in the mobile app.

Fans can head over to The Challenge on their Facebook app and get their picks in before 2:16 a.m. Eastern Time, as the premiere episode of All Stars arrives shortly after that on Paramount Plus.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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