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The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 7 recap: Legends battle in The Arena eliminations as final gets closer

the challenge all stars 3 episode 7 cast members at the arena
Cast members from The Challenge: All Stars 3 await the elimination matchup for the evening in Episode 7. Pic credit: Paramount+

As Episode 7 of The Challenge: All Stars 3 opened, Jonna Mannion was missing her friend MJ Garrett. Mark Long said she could use him as a similar-sized guy, so she cuddled with him on the couch as he comforted her. Jonna was worried she had no one to protect her and was going into elimination again.

Derrick Kosinski was happy with his first elimination win of the season. He’s got four stars now but said it means he’s got a target on his back.

Veronica Portillo called home to her girlfriend Alexis of a year and a half and said hello to her dog. Veronica said she’s getting homesick and recently bought a house, so she needs to win All Stars 2 for that money.

KellyAnne Judd spoke with Roni Chance about the Treehouse alliance and her Sabotage. There wasn’t much of a deal to be made, but KellyAnne said she wouldn’t want to face Roni in elimination.

TJ’s favorite contest arrives with Shooting Stars

TJ Lavin was all smiles when the Challengers arrived on set for their next daily event because he soon revealed it was trivia day. The All Stars played Shooting Stars, where they were up on a podium above water and hooked to a supersized slingshot.

If they got answers correct to their questions, they could assign a strike to any other player they chose. If they answered wrong, they would receive a strike. Three strikes meant TJ pulled a lever to slingshot them backward, and they’d fall into the water. The winners of the men’s and women’s heats would be the only players safe from elimination and make up The Authority.

The Sabotage allowed KellyAnne and Brad Fiorenza to assign the first strikes before the game started. Brad chose himself so he wouldn’t upset anyone, and KellyAnne chose Veronica as another member of the Treehouse alliance.

jonna mannion roni chance and kellyanne judd in the challenge all stars 3 episode 7
Jonna Mannion, Roni Chance, and KellyAnne Judd in The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 7 daily event. Pic credit: Paramount+

The women’s heat was first, with Veronica starting with one X. KellyAnne got one wrong, and was given Xs by Roni and Kaialah, so she was the first to go out with the slingshot into the water, giving TJ reason for his famous laugh.

It came down to the Treehouse’s Kailah Casillas, Roni, and Veronica. The winner was Veronica, after knowing which rapper “loves it when you call him Big Papa” and assigning Kailah her final X.

For the men, Brad started with the strike he gave to himself. It came down to Mark Long, Wes Bergmann, and Derrick. Mark chose to throw a third strike on Wes. In the end, Mark didn’t know which animal’s testicles were Rocky Mountain oysters, so Derrick won.

The Authority has to make tough elimination decisions

Derrick and Veronica were The Authority members as winners of the daily challenge. The OGs had some fun partying at night and playing various games, including beer pong, sack race, and limbo contest, but the bigger game strategy was on people’s minds.

Derrick contemplated his choice to send in and felt Nehemiah made sense. Veronica and Kailah laughed about Veronica falling down the stairs. The camera panned to Veronica’s foot a few times.

The next day, Roni had a talk with Veronica about game strategy, saying she hadn’t tried to offer her much because she felt she didn’t have anything tangible to provide her with. KellyAnne showed up to try to talk, and Veronica asked her to give them a few minutes and return.

Mark spoke with Derrick about who to pick and told him to choose whoever he feels is the biggest risk of winning the next competition. Mark said Nehemiah hasn’t won any dailies, so there’s “no sense of putting him in.” He told Derrick that Wes keeps saying he doesn’t want to see Jordan in a final, he’d rather see him in an elimination, so this is Wes’ chance.

KellyAnne and Veronica had a chat. KellyAnne said if Veronica didn’t put her in, KellyAnne said she’d ensure her safety if she won the next daily or got sent into elimination. Veronica said it was tough not to send her in because they haven’t been working together or talked game much until now.

Derrick told Veronica he wants to keep Mark safe, so he might send him in so he can call out his best choice for an opponent. Derrick told Veronica if they wanted to win All Stars 2, they needed to swing big.

Veronica chose Jonna and Derrick chose Jordan. Kailah said she was shocked by this “wild game move.”

Who went home in Episode 7 elimination?

At The Arena, TJ asked Jordan and Jonna to decide who they wanted to go against. Jonna chose Roni as her opponent because she feels she’s her biggest competition. Jordan called out The Godfather Mark Long.

The elimination event was Pull Your Own Weight involving two massive towers with puzzle pieces resting in bags on the top. From the ground, players used a rope to pull a heavy bag until it reached the top and knocked the bag of puzzle pieces off. Then, they had to grab those pieces and solve the puzzle, which was a tangram with different shaped puzzle pieces. The first to solve it would be the winner.

Roni and Jonna went against one another first. Roni got ahead and knocked her pieces down a bit before Jonna did. They both rushed over to solve their puzzles, which Jonna excels with due to her recent experience on the show. Jonna quickly solved the puzzle and got the win to eliminate Roni.

Next up, it was Jordan versus Mark. The Godfather got his puzzle pieces knocked down first, with Jordan struggling to pull the rope due to the lack of having two full hands. He still got it down and went to try to solve the puzzle. Derrick watched the event nervously as Mark tried to get the puzzle. He eventually solved it to get the win, sending Jordan home.

the challenge all stars 3 mark long and jordan wiseley in episode 7
Host TJ Lavin watches as Mark Long and Jordan Wiseley battle in an elimination event. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Godfather said Jordan’s a legend, but he just ran into a bigger legend tonight. During his post-elimination confessional, Jordan said he’s proud of Nia Moore and wants her to win and hold up the check. Nia got emotional, wiping tears away because her “security blanket” in the game had to leave.

TJ said he hopes everyone sees two-time champion Roni and three-time champ Jordan in the future. In her post-elimination, Roni said she’s got a family and is not sure she can return due to not having a flexible schedule. Jordan said it’s not often he leaves the game before the end, but he knows he gave it his all, and it won’t be his last time there.

TJ said it’s down to the wire now with the top 10 competitors. In a confessional, Veronica said she’s not sure how to feel about Jonna winning the elimination after she was the one who sent her in.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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