The Bachelor’s Marlena Wesh takes solo trip to Guatemala after anxiety attack

Marlena Wesh
Marlena Wesh opens up about anxiety and travel. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor’s Marlena Wesh opened up about buying a ticket to Guatemala after having an anxiety attack about her future.

The former contestant and Olympic sprinter revealed that she only told three people about her spontaneous trip and how traveling has become a form of self-care.

Marlena showed off photos of her beautiful trip alongside a heartfelt caption detailing her struggles to redefine success and focus on her mental health amid uncertainty about her life.

Marlena Wesh books a spontaneous trip after anxiety attack

Despite seeing a future with Clayton Echard on The Bachelor, Marlena was sent home in Week 5. Now, the contestant is once again exploring what the future looks like for her.

“I bought my ticket this past Tuesday, for my flight Friday, after having an anxiety attack on Monday about where my life is currently, my plans for the future, and how I need to redefine what success looks like to/for me,” she wrote on an Instagram post.

Marlena continued on to talk about her experiences with solo travel and reflect on both the hardships and triumphs of traveling alone.

The Bachelor alum revealed that she had almost been robbed, lost her phone, missed her flight, and had a scary Tinder date on various previous trips.

However, she doubled down on not allowing fear to prevent her from going, evidenced by her announcement that Guatemala is her 16th solo country.

“The mind is so powerful, you are so powerful,” Marlena wrote. “Solo traveling teaches me more about myself than I would ever know and it’s in those difficult situations that I get more in touch with my power.”

Marlena Wesh said solo travel is a way to ‘reset, restart, and refocus’

Despite her anxiety at the beginning of the week, the Olympic sprinter did appear to enjoy herself in the new country. She was pictured posing in the middle of the street, on a dock by the water, and among a grove of trees and bushes.

Marlena also included a video seemingly taken from a boat that featured mountains and cities in the background.

The reality TV star ended her message by saying that solo travel helped her to “reset, restart, and refocus on what truly matters which is my mental health and my peace.”

Marlena did truly seem refreshed in her follow-up Instagram post, where she beamed for the camera while sporting a pink crop top and loose gray shorts.

She has not currently revealed if she has come to any conclusions about her future plans, but given Marlena has not shied away from being transparent with her followers, it is likely she may open up again.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.  

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