The Bachelor’s Marlena Wesh claps back, ‘I’d be mad if I was average too’

marlena wesh
The Bachelor’s Marlena Wesh defended herself against claims her Olympic background is mentioned too much. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor’s Marlena Wesh clapped back at a viewer complaining about how many times her status as an Olympian is mentioned on the show.

This week, Marlena was in her element as she led her team to victory in a football game group date.

“I’m really excited because, you know, I know I come in as an Olympian,” Marlena said in an interview on the episode. “So throw the ball to me and we gon’ win.”

Olympian Marlena Wesh showed off quick wit in a comeback tweet

Given her athletic background, Marlena’s history as an Olympic sprinter was brought up several different times.

One viewer grew tired of the phrase and tweeted, “If I hear ‘I’m a pilot’ and ‘I’m an Olympian’ one more time.”

“I’d be mad if I was average too [yawn emoji],” Marlena wrote back.

The Bachelor contestant thrilled fans with her quick response, even prompting a laugh from the original poster.

“Okay that made me laugh!” the commenter wrote.

Twitter reply to Marlena Wesh
Pic credit: @Megan_Rage/Twitter

Marlena was also supported by a fellow contestant, Susie Evans, who wrote, “she said what she said.”

Susie Evans supports Marlena Wesh
Pic credit: @ThenSusieSaid/Twitter

Viewers also took to Twitter to react to Marlena’s impressive performance on the field during the episode.

“let’s not mince ANY words Marlena won that football game on her own,” one fan wrote.

“Marlena’s back after carrying the purple punishers,” another joked.

The Bachelor Clayton Echard also chimed in to say, “Marlena’s infectious energy makes me want to put the pads back on!”

Clayton Echard tweet
Pic credit: @ClaytonEchard/Twitter

Marlena Wesh led her team to victory on this episode of The Bachelor

Marlena made two of her team’s three touchdowns and continuously fired up the girls with her pre-game pep talks.

Her skill and leadership helped the Purple Punishers team to win additional time with Clayton for the night portion of the group date.  

“I’m not on the losing team,” Marlena said. “I’m an Olympian. We gotta remember that. And I’ll make them remember that too.”

Marlena also had a memorable takedown of season villain Shanae Ankney during the game. Most of the women and the season have been overshadowed by the drama surrounding Shanae so far.

This episode was no exception, ending with Shanae storming the winning team’s group date and throwing their trophy into the grass. Her actions left the girls speechless and only seemed to escalate the drama in next week’s episode.

Marlena’s comebacks also appear to return next week, with the contestant seemingly sending the whole house laughing as she entertains on a group date.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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