The Bachelor’s Kaity Biggar shows support for Gabi after controversial Fantasy Suite episode

Kaity and Gabi during Week 10 of The Bachelor.
Kaity Biggar highlights her friendship with Gabi Elnicki as the two head into the finale next week. Pic credit: ABC

Amid a controversial week, Kaity Biggar reminded her fans how much her friendship with Gabi Elnicki means to her.

While Kaity and Gabi are Zach Shallcross’ top two ladies on the current season of The Bachelor, the competitive reality dating show has seemed to be anything but a competition for the two remaining besties.

As seen most prominently on social media and behind-the-scenes moments from the show, Gabi and Kaity grew a strong friendship throughout the season.

However, on this week’s Fantasy Suite episode, Gabi was seemingly the only one to be intimate with Zach during their overnight date — something Kaity pointed out to Gabi at the rose ceremony.

Whether it was the network’s editing or Kaity’s words, Gabi was visibly uncomfortable at the end of the episode, saying she felt like she had a scarlet “A” on her chest.

Even though the final two women seemed pinned against each other at that moment, Kaity took to Instagram on Wednesday to remind viewers of the strong friendship she and Gabi have.

Kaity Biggar shows support for Gabi Elnicki after The Bachelor Week 10

Sharing a compilation video with clips of her and Gabi on the show, Kaity noted that she was “beyond grateful” for Gabi and their friendship.

“Thank you for always lighting up a room with your beautiful, quirky personality! You exude the best energy that is so contagious to be around! Thank you for always being YOU! Truly, one of the most beautiful humans inside and out. Keep sprinkling sunshine ;),” she wrote.

Kaity also referenced their combined “ship name” by adding the hashtag #teamgaity.

Clearly, the love is mutual, as Gabi responded to the post with nothing but reciprocated love for her fellow frontrunner.

“Love you so much my Kaity girl!” Gabi wrote back. “Forever grateful for our friendship and that you are in my life. A true forever friend.”

Gabi's reply to Kaity's post
Pic credit: @kaitybiggar/Instagram

After it was seen on this week’s Fantasy Suite episode that Gabi and Zach had been intimate despite his “no sex” rule, Gabi received a bit of online hate on her most recent social media post.

This makes Kaity’s supportive post even more meaningful, as Gabi has also been dealing with critics giving their negative opinions on her overnight date since the episode aired on Monday.

Gabi Elnicki responds to critics after Fantasy Suite episode

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, when one follower noted that Gabi was “deleting comments” on her most recent Instagram photo, Gabi responded to let everyone know that she was not going to accept any hateful words being left on her posts.

“yes i am, because I don’t need negativity and hate on my page. It’s so unnecessary and unkind. There is NO reason to put others down, get off my page if you don’t like me,” she wrote back.

Now that the Fantasy Suite dates are over, and all of the drama that came along with them, it’s time for the girls to finally meet Zach’s family as he gets closer to potentially getting down on one knee.

However, with how this week’s episode ended, it seems like Gabi and Zach will have to have another serious discussion before they can progress their relationship any further.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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