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The Bachelor’s Bekah Martinez speaks out after sexual assault, says her kids were there

Bekah Martinez starred on The Bachelor.
Bekah Martinez claimed she was sexually assaulted by a teenager on a skateboard while walking with her children. Pic credit: Instagram/Bekah Martinez

Former The Bachelor competitor Bekah Martinez spoke out after what she said was a sexual assault that took place in front of her two young children.

She shared her experience in a heartbreaking Instagram post.

Her remarks were shared alongside a photograph of the former Season 22 contestant in her home. She wore dark hair piled into a loose topknot. She donned a long-sleeved tye-dyed shirt and tan shorts.

Bekah explained that she was out for a walk in her neighborhood. She held hands with her daughter Ruth, 2. Bekah pushed her 9-month-old son Franklin in a stroller.

It was then when she shared that a teenager rode by the family on a skateboard.

As he passed the trio, he grabbed Bekah’s behind.

Bekah recalled the harrowing encounter

The former reality television star shared in a post that the experience terrified her.

She shared she was out taking a walk wearing the casual clothing described above when a teenager skateboarded by and touched her.

“I felt totally powerless as I screamed at him “THAT IS NOT OKAY. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?” I wanted to chase him down and pull him off his skateboard. Punch him in the back. Do something, anything to get through to him that what he did was so wrong,” she wrote.

Bekah claimed that the teen only looked back at her when he was a block away.

She claimed the experience shook her daughter who asked her mother if she was okay.

This was not the first time she had experienced such an encounter

Bekah said it angered her that this young boy felt it was okay to do this at his age in the middle of the day. She worried about what he would do to women when he was an adult.

She recounted a time when she was 21-years-old and on the beach when a man exposed himself to her, rendering her helpless.

The encounter infuriated her Instagram followers.

“This is not ok and absolutely gutting and yet completely not a surprise. And that’s the disgusting part. We all have a story. Or two. Or three. Or more,” wrote women’s activist Sarah Nicole Landry.

Bekah Martinez Instagram comments.
Followers of Bekah Martinez shared their fury over her Instagram post. Pic credit: Instagram

“I’m reading this while blow drying my hair and had to stop and go sit down because I got so internally hot and angry. My blood is boiling got you. I’m so sorry this happened,” penned Bachelor alum Becca Tilley.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.