Former Bachelor star Bekah Martinez initially worried she was not ‘Mexican enough’ for Parents Latina cover

Bekah Martinez
Bekah Martinez was criticized for a magazine cover. Pic credit: ABC

Former Bachelor star Bekah Martinez got the opportunity to be on a magazine cover recently.

Bekah was featured on Parents Latina magazine, an opportunity she was very proud of.

She was excited about the opportunity but she may not have anticipated the backlash she would receive for being on the cover.

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While Bekah shared the news on her Instagram account, she also shared some of the comments she’s received.

Bekah Martinez reveals harsh criticism she received over a magazine cover

It’s no secret that there has been some racist undertones in Bachelor Nation lately, and Bekah apparently isn’t exempt from these kinds of comments.

“This has been such an exciting experience for me, but it hasn’t come without a sense of sadness. I hesitated to even accept the offer of being featured in @parentslatina because I just didn’t feel “Mexican enough”. Comments like the ones in the second photo hit at deep insecurities,” Bekah revealed on Instagram, sharing the cover of Parents Latina.

In the photo, Bekah is sitting in what appears to be a backyard with her two kids. She’s smiling at the camera as she’s posing with her kids, Ruth and Franklin.

In her caption, Bekah revealed that she’s proud of her Latina heritage but shared that she knows she doesn’t look the part. She explained that she struggled because she didn’t see herself as a “real Mexican”, but she also pointed out that she understood where people were coming from with their mean comments.

She pointed to the “deep-seated colorism” within the Latino community.

“I know there are struggles and discrimination that come from being ‘visibly Mexican’ that I will never experience. I know there is deep-seated colorism within the Latino community. I know there are so many benefits and opportunities I gain from my whiteness. I think we can acknowledge all of these things at once and hold space for everyone in this conversation,” she wrote, adding, “I’m Latina and I’m proud. No one can take that away from me.”

If fans swipe right on the photo, they can read some of the comments she’s received. In one comment, Bekah was accused of not using her privilege to learn the language to communicate with her family. The person also said that Bekah was calling herself Latin when it was convenient for her but not doing “the work.”

Other people accused her of not being Latina, questioning whether she even fit into the “Latina culture” to the point where she could represent the community on a magazine cover.

Bekah Martinez was recently vocal about Taylor Nolan’s tweets about minorities

It has been years since Bekah was on The Bachelor, but she continues to be part of Bachelor nation.

Bekah was one of the more outspoken people when Taylor Nolan’s tweets surfaced last week. She revealed that she wanted more accountability from Taylor, who initially posted a statement, sharing that her years of bad tweeting were simply due to white supremacy.

For Bekah, this wasn’t good enough. She wanted more from Taylor, who had often offered her thoughts on scandals within Bachelor Nation, holding people accountable for their reactions.

Taylor’s tweets from years ago have resulted in a potential DOH investigation, which could result in severe penalties for the practicing professional. Taylor currently working as a licensed mental health counselor.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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