The Bachelorette viewers call out production for awkward scene with Tyler’s family

Tyler Norris
Fans feel terrible for Tyler Norris. Pic credit: @tylerjnorris9/Instagram

Bachelor Nation watched in shock as Rachel Recchia decided she wanted to break it off with Tyler Norris soon after the start of his hometown date.

They then watched as production decided to follow Tyler to his family’s house later on and filmed him breaking the news to his family.

As his parents and other family members sat waiting for him and Rachel to come through the door, they chatted about how happy they thought he would look when he entered their home.

At first, when Tyler came in the front door, they didn’t seem to think him arriving alone was weird or off.

However, as Tyler sat down, his entire demeanor was off, and his mom was the first to notice something wasn’t quite right.

It was then that Tyler divulged the news that Rachel would not be coming to meet them because she had broken off their relationship before that could even happen.

Bachelor Nation watched Tyler’s segment in disbelief

Before even meeting his family, Rachel sat Tyler down and was emotional. While Rachel struggled to find the words to tell him that it wouldn’t work out between them, Tyler wasn’t quite catching on to her social cues.

It was then that the collective Bachelor Nation gasp happened, both because Tyler seemed oblivious to what Rachel was trying to say, and because of the bombshell that she just dropped.

But it was after that when Bachelor fans went even crazier and vocalized their thoughts and opinions even more. As Reality Steve took to his Twitter account, he tweeted out, “Man, double gut punch. Did they really need to shoot this family scene? Brutal.”

Reality Steve tweeted out about watching Tyler Norris going back home and how brutal it was.
Pic credit: @RealitySteve/Twitter

Bachelor Nation discusses the airing’s awkwardness

After reading Reality Steve’s tweet and watching as cameras followed Tyler back to his home to relay the news to his family members, viewers had some things of their own to say.

While one user explained what happened to cause the viewers’ disbelief, another stated, “Exactly [three 100 emojis] producers is this a contest how low can you go.”

Other viewers thought maybe Tyler was getting the Bachelor edit, and another thought they had maybe filmed him going back to his house to use as Bachelor in Paradise footage. That person claimed, “They’ll use Tyler’s fam footage when he’s on BIP.”

Some fans thought they did it to give Tyler a Bachelor edit or use on BIP.
Pic credit: @RealitySteve/Twitter

Still, other The Bachelorette viewers were disgruntled that they filmed Tyler back at home with his family, as one user wrote, “Such a terribly embarrassing production decision with Tyler’s family on #thebachelorette.”

Two others responded and declared, “I agree… the sad part is they seemed like they were VERY kind and normal lol.. she should have waited to see them at least,” while another simply stated, “Overkill.”

Other fans were not impressed that production aired Tyler going back to his family.
Pic credit: @RealitySteve/Twitter

While fans know that Tyler does will an appearance on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise set to air in late September, they don’t know for sure if he finds love there or not; but they are hopeful he will.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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