Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: New twist, eliminations, and second rose ceremony

Bachelor in Paradise
New spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

The upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise is quickly approaching, and filming has been underway for about a couple of weeks now.

While a couple of the contestants have stayed together so far, some have split, and others have left the beach.

Reality Steve has kept Bachelor Nation in the loop regarding the rose ceremonies, eliminations, injuries, and who is with who on the island.

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But now, in addition to new men and women showing up on the island with date cards, the show has started a brand new twist, similar to Love Island.

Bachelor in Paradise reportedly will have a twist

After Rose Ceremony #2, producers entered a twist for this season of the show called Casa Amor, similar to the show Love Island.

In this twist, all couples are separated into men and women. One of the genders is moved to a new location, and Reality Steve thinks that it was the women, and five new men are brought to them.

The men brought in were Tyler Norris, Olu Onajide, Rick Leach, Alex Woytkiw, and Adam Todd from Bachelor in Paradise Australia.

The male group stayed on the beach and welcomed five new women to their scene. Out of these five, three of the females are from Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor: Sarah Hamrick, Kate Gallivan, and Eliza Isichei.

One of the women, Florence Moerenhout, like Adam Todd, is also from BIP Australia, and the other, Jessenia Cruz, is from Matt James’ season.

Reality Steve noted that this particular twist only lasts a day on Love Island, but he’s not exactly sure how long it’ll last on BIP. His guess is not too long, as he stated that the point of the twist is to see if couples will last when forced to mingle and get to know others who were not already in the picture.

Rose Ceremony #2

According to Reality Steve, when it was the women’s turn to hand out the roses at this ceremony, the following couples stayed the same: Serene Russell and Brandon Jones, Lace Morris and Rodney Mathews, Brittany Galvin and Andrew Glaze, Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo, and Genevieve Parisi and Aaron Clancy.

Other couples that are different from the first rose ceremony because they came onto the island were Shanae Ankney and Logan Palmer, Sierra Jackson and Michael Allio, and Jill Chen and Jacob Rapini.

He believes that only two men were eliminated from the second rose ceremony: Justin Glaze and James Bonsall.

Third rose ceremony results

While Reality Steve doesn’t know much about the rose ceremony #3 that occurred after the Casa Amor twist, he does know two things for sure.

He declared that Rodney decided to go with Eliza after the twist and dumped Lace. Reality Steve also said that Olu and Rick were sent home because they could never connect with any of the women.

Reality Steve also noted that, after the second rose ceremony, Pizza Peter, from Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette, showed up and took Brittany out on a date with his newcomer date card.

However, the date was a disaster and went terribly; thus, he ended up self-eliminating himself.

Moreover, Michael allegedly ended things with Sierra after that second rose ceremony, not the first one as Reality Steve had initially thought. After that time, Danielle entered the beach and offered her date card to him.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC.

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