The Bachelorette: Michelle Young dishes on what really happened during that awkward slumber party group date

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Michelle Young gave more detail into what really happened during that infamous slumber party group date. Pic credit: @michelleyoung/Instagram

The Bachelorette, Michelle Young, appeared in an interview Thursday and gave more insight into that uncomfortable slumber party group date in which she felt “unseen.”

Michelle was speaking on the Talking It Out podcast to hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo, where they discussed the episode, with Bryan saying it was “sad to see,” and questioned, “what are these guys doing?”

Bryan continued, “I think if one guy, if one guy would have taken her, and just, they could have been gone for hours, and these dudes would have still been doing what they were doing.”

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Michelle didn’t think anyone would notice if a guy had taken her away for one-on-one time

Michelle appeared after their discussion and said, “nobody would have noticed” if one of the guys had taken her away for some one-on-one time.

When she went on her first group date during her season of “The Bachelor,” Michelle described it as having to “override this human nature” of all going for the same person in a situation and seeing those other relationships develop right in front of you. She claimed it “makes you want to run.”

Though she did lament that she told the guys on night one that things would be uncomfortable, but in order to make it through, they would need to be willing to make that first move. Of course, watching the slumber party group date (which will definitely go down in Bachelor history as one of the most awkward to watch), it was obvious none of the guys took that to heart.

Michelle wanted someone to go out of their way to get to know her

Michelle claimed she was looking for someone to “go out of their way” to build a connection with her, which unfortunately didn’t happen. She said she was probably “too understanding,” something most women can definitely relate to.

It was sad watching the episode play out and how upset Michelle was, but the worst part is when she had this to say during the podcast: “I knew that this journey was going to be difficult, I knew that it wasn’t going to be all flowers and roses — pun intended, pun not intended — but what I really didn’t expect to feel was the feeling of being unseen.” Unseen will be the new buzzword of 2021.

Michelle said that she broke down during the after-party, away from the guys, because she didn’t want to “ruin the vibe.” An interesting thing to note is the reasoning behind her deciding to share her feelings with the guys.

She laid it all out there in an effort to see “how somebody would respond in a relationship.” 

Michelle talked about previous toxic relationships before the show

During the end of the podcast, Bryan asked Michelle about her dating life before the show, and she described being in “two very serious relationships,” believing she would spend her life with them at the time. As one of the relationships progressed, she described it as “becoming more and more unhealthy.”

She claimed that taking a step back and looking at it, she felt as if she “was never truly accepted in that relationship.” Tellingly, she said they “couldn’t have the difficult conversations,” and “the other person was always playing devil’s advocate.”

She spoke of a time when someone said the N-word to her, and she expected to be comforted and supported, but she felt like “the support wasn’t handled as it should’ve [been].” She explained she didn’t see what was wrong until she was out of the relationship.

Hopefully, Michelle finds a guy among the group who will finally treat her right.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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