The Bachelorette Men Tell All teaser deleted after giving away a huge spoiler for Katie Thurston’s season

Katie Thurston sits on a throne while wearing gold
The Bachelorette Men Tell All teaser reveals a spoiler about Katie Thurston’s top four. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor franchise has built a huge and devoted fan base over the years, and members of Bachelor Nation are particularly good at catching even the slightest slip ups from the show. 

Recently fans caught sight of a major spoiler during a promo for the upcoming Men Tell All that was a lot more telling than intended.   

The teaser seems to expose the elimination of a man who is still currently competing for Katie’s love. The revealing clip has since been deleted, but it still managed to circulate around the internet and get fans buzzing.

Michael Allio is likely in trouble heading into hometowns 

During the Men Tell All clip, Connor B. sang another charming original song in front of Katie and all the men. Viewers quickly noticed that Michael Allio was sitting with all the eliminated men, which is surprising considering he has yet to be sent home. 

As of now, Michael is still in Katie’s top four and is expected to introduce Katie to his family in the next episode. By being at the Men Tell All, it can be safe to assume that Katie and Michael’s wholesome love story may be coming to an end fairly soon. 

This revealing slip-up is also unexpected because of how tight-lipped those behind The Bachelor franchise have learned to be over the years. While there are plenty of sources who are famous for spoiling the show, even the spoilers have been wrong various times this season, which goes to show that the series’ has made progress in keeping the results of the season under wraps, at least until the release of this teaser.

While most fans already considered Greg Grippo and Blake Moynes to be the frontrunners out of the remaining four men, it will still be interesting to see what happens in Katie and Michael’s relationship to lead him to being sent home, especially since they seemed to have such a solid bond with Katie even giving serious thought to the possibility of becoming a stepmother to Michael’s young son. 

Michael Allio could be in the running to star on The Bachelor 

If it’s true that Michael does in fact go home in the next episode, then fans are likely to become even more vocal about wanting the lovable single father to be named the next Bachelor. 

After capturing fans’ hearts with his warm, positive, and resilient personality, Michael Allio quickly became a fan favorite and one of the main men from Katie’s season that fans would like to see return to the franchise as a leading man

Now that it’s likely that Michael is back to being single, he may be interested in a second chance at love as The Bachelor since he believes finding love and happiness will also make him a better father. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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