The Bachelorette Men Tell All is full of confrontation and accusations

Gabby Windey
The Men Tell All gets crazy. Pic credit: @gabby.windey/Instagram

As this unique season of The Bachelorette starts to wrap up, the Men Tell All episode is quickly approaching.

Hometown dates have almost finished, except for Rachel Recchia’s hometown with Aven Jones.

According to Reality Steve, fourteen men will be in attendance at the upcoming Men Tell All segment.

While the men talked amongst each other, emotions were high, things were said to each other, and questions were asked of the two leading women, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

Tension continued to form in the room as the men had their own thoughts and opinions they wanted others to hear from issues that arose on the show.

As the women came out to confront the men they sent home, questions were asked of them that were hard to answer.

What went down during the Men Tell All segment

During the new promo of the upcoming Men Tell All episode, things heated up quickly with the men alone and again when Rachel and Gabby came out.

Ethan Kang, who has been in the spotlight lately for calling out Tino Franco’s behavior when he called him a baby back b***h, could be heard saying, “You had your chance. Have some respect for the guys that were there.”

It’s unknown at this time who he is talking to and whether that was another suitor or Rachel.

Mario Vassall, one of Gabby’s men, was heard saying, “You did me wrong.” Again, it’s unclear if Mario is speaking to one of the male contestants or if he’s addressing Gabby in this scenario.

Spencer Swies, another one of Gabby’s guys, took a shot at Hayden Markowitz, who was a no-show, as he declared, “I guess I like girls that are rough around the edges. I love Gabby.”

Meatball then lightens the mood as he stands up without his shirt on and pours marinara sauce all down his body.

Who did and didn’t show up for the Men Tell All

According to Reality Steve, the fourteen men who showed up at the filming were Nate Mitchell, Logan Palmer, Tyler Norris, James Clarke (aka Meatball), Mario Vassall, Spencer Swies, Roby Sobieski, Termayne Harper, Jordan Helman, Jacob Jacob Rapini, Jordan Vandergriff, Alec Garza, Quincey Williams, and Ethan Kang.

However, some men did not show up whom fans would have loved to hear from, including Hayden Markowitz, who made rude comments about the women, and Chris Austin, who said he had fantasy suite ultimatums before even really talking to the women.

Also, Reality Steve revealed that viewers will have the chance to see Nate, Logan, and Tyler in the hot seat come the Men Tell All episode. Bachelor Nation can’t wait to see if Nate talks more about the allegations against him, if Logan discusses the conspiracy theories about him leaving the show, and if Tyler is still heartbroken over Rachel breaking up with him before meeting his family.

Before the end of the Men Tell All promo, all of the men in attendance, Jesse Palmer, and the audience members have glasses of champagne.

Jesse made an announcement that fans cannot wait to hear more about as he teases viewers and relays, “If you think you know what happens, guess again. This news is about to change your lives forever. Get ready.”

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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