The Bachelorette viewers loved Ethan Kang’s one-liner about Tino Franco

Ethan Kang
Ethan Kang is loved by Bachelor Nation fans. Pic credit: ABC

Ethan Kang won over Bachelor Nation with a one-liner from Monday night’s episode.

In last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Rachel Recchia finally seemed to be in a good place after her one-on-one with Zach Shallcross after he revealed that he was falling in love with her.

Things also seemed to be going well on her group date when she took Aven Jones, Ethan Kang, Tino Franco, and Tyler Norris to the cheese capital of the world.

There, the men competed in a competition to be the strongest man. Tino ended up winning the title of the Cheese King; however, after he didn’t get the group date rose, he went on a rant and started to spiral.

During this time, one of the men, Ethan, called Tino a baby back b***h due to the way he was acting and his behavior at the time.

Ethan let Rachel know he was one hundred percent ready to introduce her to his parents and went on to say that he has been waiting for the right person to open up to — who he felt was Rachel.

However, Rachel didn’t seem to feel the same way as she sent him home at the rose ceremony. But, Bachelor Nation may have just fallen in love with Ethan even more after last night’s episode.

Ethan Kang is getting all kinds of love from Bachelor Nation

In a combination of Ethan’s Instagram Stories and other memes from around social media, @justintakesthebach put together a montage of what fans are thinking about Ethan.

The first one posted was from Ethan’s Instagram Stories, which showed him laying down and flashing the peace sign. The caption above stated, “Please excuse the baby back bit*ch comment, stomach was angry from the cheese date.”

This came about because even though Ethan is lactose intolerant, he still did the cheese date with Rachel and the other men to show her how much she meant to him.

Moreover, fans were calling for Ethan to be the next Bachelor because they now view Ethan as an icon for calling out Tino.

The caption by @justintakesthebach read, “All hail the king of cheese, the king of baby back b***hes, @ethankang1.”

Bachelor Nation comments on the post and Ethan Kang memes

The very first post in the comment section was Ethan himself as he declared, “Honored Justin [two laughing/crying face emojis, two red hearts, and one red rose].”

In response, @justintakesthebach stated jokingly, “@ethankang1 yeah don’t you forget that I gave you your own post,” while another viewer claimed Ethan is an icon.

One user even exclaimed, in response to the baby back b***h one-liner, “Best comment of the night !”

Ethan Kang loved the shout out and other fans applauded his comment.
Pic credit: @justintakesthebach/Instagram

Other fans claimed they want to see Ethan named the next Bachelor and said how much they loved him.

One fan was upset that Ethan wasn’t portrayed more on the show, as that viewer wrote, “I hate they waited to give this man the airtime he deserved.”

Viewers are obsessed with Ethan Kang and want him to be the Bachelor.
Pic credit: @justintakesthebach/Instagram

While Ethan didn’t end up with Rachel in the end, it’s safe to say that he is now loved by Bachelor Nation fans.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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