The Bachelorette finale: Maybe we don’t need to understand Clare and Dale’s love story

Clare and Dale
Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ love story is an interesting one. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette ended with a proposal last night, as Clare Crawley and Dale Moss got engaged.

The two walked away as an engaged couple after filming the show for a mere 12 days.

Chris Harrison was shocked but happy for Dale and Clare, who had found love with one another.

It’s no secret that Dale and Clare have received criticism over their journey – they have been very open about that.

Just last night, Clare went on Instagram Live with Dale by her side to reveal that the hate towards the couple had been very aggressive and very real.

Why is that? Is that simply because people don’t understand how they can just take a leap of faith and get engaged?

The Bachelorette had an interesting love story

It’s no secret that this season of The Bachelorette was a different one. It was filmed in quarantine, the contestants were asked to stay at the resort, and Clare had time to scope out the guys prior to going on the show.

While viewers didn’t understand why Clare was giving Dale so much time and not exploring all relationships, one thing is clear.

Editing played a huge role in how everything was perceived.

Clare looked obsessed with Dale and Dale didn’t seem too interested in Clare. Production decided to highlight that he could be on the show for fame, as he’s a model and looking for his next big role as a television personality.

We saw four episodes from 12 days of continuous filming.

And yet, viewers love to make themselves experts on how they won’t last because they got engaged so fast.

Here’s the thing – we don’t know everything that happened on the set, we don’t know what possibly happened prior to the show, and we don’t know what happened after the show.

And we don’t need to understand everything to be happy for them.

The Bachelorette lead Clare Crawley said the connection was instant

Clare never hid anything from viewers. She was completely open and honest about her feelings. In fact, right after meeting Dale, she told Chris that she believed that she had just met her future husband.

She told him that the connection was instant. Dale would later say he felt the same thing. This alone caused fans to question whether this was indeed their first meeting.

Fans didn’t believe that the two didn’t talk prior to the show, especially since they were seemingly moving fast.

Maybe we don’t need to understand all aspects of their love story to be happy for them. Maybe we can just let them be and celebrate that two people have committed themselves to one another.

And that they have.

The two are engaged as Clare was spotted wearing a huge rock on her finger this week. The two confirmed the news last night after the episode aired.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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