The Bachelorette fans think they know who Rachel Recchia is now dating

Rachel Recchia
Bachelor Nation has scoped out who Rachel Recchia might be in a new relationship with. Pic credit: ABC

The FBI works hard, but curious Bachelor Nation fans (who want to find out who somebody from the franchise is dating) work harder.

Especially when it comes to former leading lady Rachel Recchia, who had a tough breakup with Tino Franco when he revealed the heartbreaking news that he kissed another woman shortly after proposing in the finale.

However, Rachel seems to be in good spirits after the airing of her season, which concluded at the end of September.

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Could a new boyfriend be the reason Rachel has been shining on social media and during interview segments?

Fans have started to piece together clues as to who Rachel may be dating — especially after she dished on a recent podcast that she had a successful first date with someone and was planning for their second.

Now, after a few Instagram Story shares, Bachelor Nation seems to think Rachel may be “soft launching” a relationship with musician Dylan Matthew.

The Bachelorette fans think Rachel Recchia is dating Dylan Matthew

While Rachel follows the musician on Instagram, it was her IG Story posts that may have hinted at a potential coupling between the two.

Recently, Rachel shared a blurry photo that showed part of a tattooed arm, seemingly matching up to Dylan’s tattoos.

The two also shared photos of the same Christmas tree at the same ice skating rink, which were uploaded during a close enough time frame to seem as if they had gone there together.

Whether or not Dylan is the new man that Rachel is dating, she did recently open up about a first date that left her excited for more.

Rachel Recchia reveals she’s dating again

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Rachel opened up on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast last month to say that she has started dating again.

While she didn’t reveal the name, she said a man “slid into her DMs,” and the two went out for a casual coffee date.

Rachel also noted that he was not a part of the Bachelor franchise — another point for Dylan Matthew.

Although she said it was tough to break some of her dating habits from the fast-paced life of being the Bachelorette, she said they hit it off and even shared a kiss during their first date.

Rachel seemed giddy as she said the two had a second date planned, which, who knows — could have potentially led to the ice skating date.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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