The Bachelorette alums Mike Johnson and Brian Abasolo discuss Sarah Hamrick’s intentions

Sarah Hamrick
Sarah Hamrick is the focus of Brian Abasolo and Mike Johnson’s discussion. Pic credit: ABC

Mike Johnson, a contestant from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, and Bryan Abasolo, the winner from Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette, have joined forces in their own podcast.

The two men are co-hosts for their podcast, Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation, and have their own opinions about a contestant who was recently sent home from Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.

This past week, Mike and Bryan talked about Sarah Hamrick’s surprising elimination after Clayton basically told her he didn’t believe her or trust her anymore.

What did Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson reveal to listeners on their podcast about The Bachelor contestant Sarah Hamrick?

The duo let fans know that they shouldn’t immediately judge Sarah, and “were quick to urge fans not to jump to the conclusion that Sarah didn’t have real feelings for Clayton.”

Mike spoke first and declared, “I can’t say that Sarah didn’t like Clayton, and I think that’s where we’re getting it confused. She could’ve been performative and dramatic or artistic in the way that she was expressing herself, but that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t there for the right reasons.”

Both Mike and Bryan then relayed to listeners that they believe “there is a clear distinction between Sarah’s boastful behavior and still having good intentions.”

Mike went on to say that he wants to believe Sarah and the fact that she had good intentions the whole time, and instead she was “just young and a rookie.”

While Mike talked and stated his opinion about Sarah and her actions on the show the past few weeks, Bryan quickly agreed with Mike.

The co-hosts discussed when, and if, viewers would find out who the real Sarah is

The two co-hosts also thought that maybe fans would get more insight and answers in the weeks to come as well, maybe on the Women Tell All?

Bryan also added after siding with Mike that while no one really knows but Sarah, the women obviously know the most since they were in the situation and going through the whole process, side-by-side with Sarah.

Mike and Bryan then went on to discuss that many of the women talk about Sarah’s boastful behavior, and how she consistently acted as if she and Clayton were so much stronger than perhaps they actually were. This was addressed when Sarah had told the other girls things about Clayton and their relationship that Clayton then said never occurred.

The other women, because of this, started doubting their own relationships with Clayton. Some so much that they had revealed to him during the one-on-one time that they had thought about leaving the show and him.

Those conversations are the ones that eventually led Clayton to bring all of this up with Sarah because he seemed rocked to the core after talking with Rachel Recchia, Teddi Wright, Gabby Windey, specifically.

So the question still looms: was Clayton right in sending Sarah home for her emotional and mental manipulation of the other women? Or were Sarah’s intentions and tears truly genuine? Or could Bryan and Mike be correct when they said on their Talking It Out episode that they think it could have been a little bit of both? Hopefully, the answer to these questions and more will be revealed on the Women Tell All in just a couple of weeks.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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