The Bachelor: Sarah Hamrick and Mara Agrait react to being eliminated by Clayton Echard

Sarah Hamrick and Mara Agrait
Sarah Hamrick and Mara Agrait opened up about being eliminated from The Bachelor after their feud. Pic credit: ABC

Although The Bachelor’s Mara Agrait and Sarah Hamrick clashed on the show, it seems the two are on the same page about Clayton Echard now.  

Both Mara and Sarah spoke out for the first time since their feud sent them packing on this week’s episode, and neither woman appeared happy with how The Bachelor handled things.

Mara Agrait and Sarah Hamrick revealed their feelings on The Bachelor after being eliminated

This week’s episode saw Clayton sending Mara home after she questioned Sarah’s motives. However, Sarah’s triumph was short-lived after he accused her of fake crying and sent her home soon after.

Sarah did not hold back in her first public response to how it all went down.

“I don’t have that many words but what I’ll say is 1) truth always prevails 2) if you’re confused on my ending hopefully the next few weeks will provide clarity 3) don’t ever settle for a man who speaks down to you,” Sarah captioned an Instagram story.

Sarah Hamrick Instagram
Pic credit: @sarahahamrick/Instagram

Fans were split on whether Mara or Sarah was the “villain” in the confrontation, but both women are doubling down on their side of the story.

Mara also took to Instagram to share her thoughts and feelings on her elimination.

“I try my hardest to be open, honest and real… 100% of the time. That isn’t always pretty but it’s sincere. I love hard and I fight hard. I’m not for everyone, and I’m ok with that. But at least I know who I am. And I love who I am,” Mara captioned a photo of herself in a striking black dress and red heels.

Mara Agrait doubled down on challenging Sarah Hamrick in her goodbye post

She went on to encourage her followers, and women in particular, to speak up and practice active communication within their relationships.

“Don’t let social norms dictate how you act with your partner. Be strong. Be honest. Be independent. Be assertive,” she wrote.

Mara was not quite as blunt on her feelings about Clayton as Sarah was, but appeared ready to move on from The Bachelor and her and Clayton’s relationship.

She also noticeably focused on the women in the house as the relationship she would cherish the most from the show.

The two steered clear of directly mentioning one another in their posts, but fans will get another glimpse into the drama when they reunite on the Women Tell All special.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 years ago

Mara was/is as vindictive as they come. She scares me. She appears to be the type that will scare away any man that gets even the slightest bit close to her.
Unless there’s more to the story, Sarah did NOTHING wrong.