Bachelor fans think Mara Agrait is the new villain as Sarah Hamrick breaks down in tears

Mara Agrait and Sarah Hamrick
Mara Agrait questions Sarah Hamrick’s intentions, leaving her sobbing on her one-on-one date. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor’s Shanae Ankney went home just in time for a new feud to arise between Mara Agrait and Sarah Hamrick.

Fans dubbed Mara the new season villain as she told Clayton Echard that Sarah was too young for marriage.

Mara Agrait tells Clayton Echard that Sarah Hamrick isn’t ready for marriage

Mara, who is the oldest contestant in the house, became frustrated this week when Sarah, the youngest contestant, was given her second one-on-one before Mara was given even one.

She pulled Clayton aside to voice her opinion that some women in the house, in particular Sarah, were not ‘wife material.’

“You’ve been adamant about saying that you’re looking for a wife and looking for children and long-term, but the roses that are given out, the one-on-ones that are given out don’t reflect that,” she told Clayton.

Mara told Clayton she had heard Sarah say she wasn’t ready and couldn’t picture herself engaged, which Sarah in turn said was an absolute lie.

Mara also cited age as the main reason she did not believe Sarah was ready for marriage, as she herself had not been ready at 23.

“It is no secret that I am the oldest one in the house and super ready to settle down,” Mara told the cameras. “But it’s frustrating as hell to see that some of the women that he’s choosing to give attention to are younger.”

Sarah Hamrick was devastated as Clayton Echard questioned her intentions

Bachelor fans were furious after the conversation led Clayton to confront a blindsided Sarah, who sobbed behind the bushes on her date.  

Mara continued to voice her doubt about Sarah to the rest of the women in the house.

Clayton was also left struggling with who to believe, but ultimately strengthened his relationship with Sarah and gave her the date rose.

Sarah was furious after the date and said she believed the move was a Hail Mary by someone who didn’t have as strong of a connection as her and Clayton.

Mara also showed no signs of backing down, saying “Not everyone is either wife material or of wife age or in the mindset to be a wife. He needs to know that he is looking for somebody and is putting his energy into somebody, or people, that aren’t the one.”

The conflict appears only to ramp up from here, however, as next week’s episode shows Mara and Sarah going head-to-head.

Who do you think will come out on top in next week’s episode of The Bachelor?

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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