The Bachelorette: Aaron Clancy, Hunter Montgomery, and Connor B. share classy goodbyes after being sent home

Aaron Clancy stands up straight with a big smile
Aaron finally forgoes the drama and gives a classy goodbye. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston had to say goodbye to a whopping five men during episode six of the season. Sending so many guys home was clearly difficult for both Katie and the men she broke up with.

Despite being sent packing, recently eliminated contestants Aaron, Hunter, and Connor all showed they have no hard feelings for Katie and shared classy heartfelt posts commemorating their time on the show. 

Hunter Montgomery has no regrets 

Hunter shared various photos of him with Katie and the men in the house, with whom he clearly has built a solid bond with. In his lengthy caption, Hunter stated that The Bachelorette was quite a ride and that he doesn’t regret his experience, even despite being made out to be the “villain” in the last few episodes. 

Hunter feels that being on the show was worth it because he got to meet Katie, a woman he has a lot of admiration for. He praised Katie’s integrity and determination to always fight for what’s right. 

The single dad expressed his appreciation for Katie and the way that she made him feel heard and accepted when he shared about vulnerable and sometimes dark moments from his life. 

Hunter emphasized that the men in the house made his experience the most worthwhile and expressed that these men are no longer just castmates but are now lifelong brothers that inspire him to be better. 

Hunter also suggested that his persona on the show was an “edited character” and he shared that he’s choosing to focus on the ones who have shown him love rather than focus on the haters. 

Aaron Clancy feels honored to have been a part of the show

Aaron managed to always find himself in the midst of whatever issues were going on in the house and was often an instigator of drama. However, now that he’s off the show, Aaron chose to keep his farewell post classy and drama-free. 

Aaron shared photos of him with the friends he made amongst the cast and called the men on the season “the best of the best”, while also noting what a great woman Katie is too.

While Aaron acknowledged that he didn’t find a love story on the show, he appears to still be grateful to have had an unforgettable experience. After bidding farewell, Aaron wrote, “I’ll see you all on the other side” which could be a nod to the fact that Aaron will be joining the cast of Bachelor in Paradise this summer. 

Connor B. says goodbye through song 

Connor’s exit from the show was the most heartbreaking for everyone involved, including fans and the men in the house. While Connor left the show down in the dumps, he had nothing but positive things to say about Katie and his experience. 

Rather than post photos, Connor shared a vulnerable original song that he wrote about Katie and his experience. In his heartfelt caption, he expressed feeling overwhelming gratitude for everything he went through on the show and for the way Katie and the men in the house supported him and made him feel worthy. 

Similar to Aaron, Connor will also have a second chance to find love on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Fans will have to tune in to BIP this summer to see if Aaron Clancy and Connor “Cat Man” Brennan keep it classy or catty on the island. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC 

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