The Bachelor viewers react to Shanae Ankney comparing herself to Meryl Streep

Shanae Ankney
Shanae Ankney put on a performance that she felt was better than Meryl Streep. Pic credit: ABC

Shanae Ankney felt very proud of her recent performance on The Bachelor Season 26 and even compared herself to the legendary actress Meryl Streep. 

In her so-called academy award-winning performance, Shanae managed to shed some tears as she gave an insincere apology to Clayton and the women in the house before the rose ceremony. 

Shanae’s acting seemed to work on Clayton despite the fact that she had a completely different tone in her confessionals. Behind the scenes, Shanae gleefully gloated about her performance and admitted that she didn’t truly feel any remorse. 

Shanae’s arrogance and smug comparison to Meryl Streep rubbed The Bachelor viewers the wrong way, and they took to social media to react to the outlandish comparison. 

Shanae Ankney called out for disrespecting Meryl Streep 

The Bachelor viewers did not take kindly to Shanae comparing herself to Meryl Streep, with one viewer writing, “Shanae you can toss a trophy, but how dare you disrespect Meryl Streep like?!”

An upset critic wrote, “The comparison to Meryl Streep is one of the worst things this terrible creature has done so far this season. Meryl deserves better!”

Another tweet read,  “The ONLY Meryl Streep comparison I will accept from Shanae is to her *character* in ‘Don’t Look Up.” In Don’t Look Up, Meryl Streep played a fictional US president who was rather obnoxious and ignorant, which seem to be adjectives that accurately describe Shanae’s behavior. 

A The Bachelor viewer pointed out that Shanae’s apology wasn’t nearly as convincing as she thinks, tweeting, “Not Shanae saying she’s better than Meryl Streep when her apology was so obviously not one.”

Bachelor Nation stars react to Shanae’s Meryl Streep comparison 

Even stars within The Bachelor franchise had thoughts on Shanae’s mention of Meryl Streep.

Shanae’s fellow The Bachelor Season 26, costar Sierra Jackson who is known to not be a fan of Shanae, wrote, “Insulting Meryl Streep like that…” 

Sierra Jackson tweet
Pic credit: @SierraJackzen/Twitter

The Bachelorette Season 17 star Justin Glaze wrote, “Also is Meryl Streep the only actress #TheBachelor franchise knows??” 

Justin Glaze tweet
Pic credit: @Justin_Glaze/Twitter

Tammy Ly chimed in writing, “The amount of times Meryl Streep has crossed over into #TheBachelor world is insane.” 

Tammy Ly tweet
Pic credit: @whoistammykay/Twitter

Many The Bachelor viewers shared the sentiment that ‘the true Meryl Streep of the franchise’ is The Bachelorette Season 17 star Greg Grippo who was revealed to have acted in the past and made mention of Meryl Streep during his season. 

A tweet read, “There is room for only ONE Meryl Streep in Bachelor Nation.” 

It’s clear Bachelor Nation feels protective of Meryl Streep and doesn’t want Shanae to disrespect the award-winning actress. 

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