The Bachelor viewers are divided after Susie Evans took Clayton Echard back

Susie Evans
Bachelor Nation fans are mixed when it comes to Susie and Clayton reconciling. Pic credit: ABC

During much of this season of The Bachelor, fans were unimpressed with Clayton Echard’s decisions and actions while finding the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

While Clayton received a great deal of backlash and criticism from Bachelor Nation fans, alums, and the other contestants from his season, he pushed through to the end and has now reconciled with the one he loved the most, Susie Evans.

However, fans seem to be pretty mixed about how the finale and After The Final Rose ended and how Clayton and Susie are now back together, in love, and moving in together.

Why are some Bachelor Nation fans upset that Susie and Clayton have reconciled?

Some fans cannot believe that Susie would ever take him back, given how Clayton treated her when she provided him with her non-negotiables of not telling the other women he loved them or being intimate with them.

At that time, viewers were upset and said Clayton had been gas-lighting Susie, but Clayton responded back that that was never the case.

In response to Susie and Clayton being back together, Bachelor Nation struggled to come to terms with how Susie could get back with him and stated as much.

Most of the viewers who had something negative to say were still Team Susie, they just didn’t like how Clayton handled things. One person stated, “Poor Susie. The way he talked to her, she should have never even looked at him again.”

Pic credit: @JerseyRiley79/Twitter

Another said, “I’m not turning on Susie, Clayton’s selfishness and lack of empathy didn’t go away when the cameras stopped. She’ll learn the hard way, like many of us do.”

Pic credit: @rob13567/Twitter

One woman was just upset by how the whole scenario played out with Clayton. She was angry that he had both Gabby and Rachel meet his family, but the whole time really wanted Susie. Then she went off about Clayton breaking up with the two at the same time.

Pic credit: @gerrimaepecson/Twitter

Yet another fan was tired of Clayton and his emotions, but she also had some words for Susie, when she said, “Girl … if you was gonna take him back, what was with the dramatics? Chile … This finale was unnecessarily chaotic.”

Pic credit: @jaimelavie__/Twitter

Some Bachelor Nation fans are in support of Clayton and Susie’s relationship

While many fans were angered and frustrated by Clayton’s antics, some Bachelor Nation viewers were just glad to see Clayton and Susie happy together.

Those people also took their comments to Twitter to show their support for the new couple. One fan stated, “Everybody is being so mean about Clayton and Susie if there happy they are happy let it be…”

Pic credit: @AlysonKavan/Twitter

Another woman posted, “Clayton and Susie deserve to be happy. Susie made her decision and while Clayton did make many mistakes, he did take the consequences.”

Pic credit: @mia_rambles/Twitter

Yet one more exclaimed, “Susie and Clayton got back together? Wow. THEY LOOK HAPPY AND CUTE. Susie loads of love to you!”

Pic credit: @IAMANIDIOTTTTT/Twitter

While it is apparent that Bachelor Nation is split on their love for this couple, and how Clayton got to this point, only time will tell if it will be their happily ever after… or not.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

I had respect for Susie when she told him she could not get past him telling multiple women that he was falling in love with them OR in love with them AND sleeping with them! He then proceeded to talk to her and treat her like sh*t on his shoe. Now, she takes him back as if he’s the last man on the planet?!!! Girl, you’re gonna learn the hard way. HE JUST WANTED TO F*CK YOU!!! It was the unknown. Now, the mystery is over. His immature a* *ss is going to dump you soon. I’m sure he’s itching to take off his shirt on BIP and bed all of those desperate women.

2 years ago

So, was Susie “The Best” in bed of the 3 finalist?