The Bachelor: Susie and Clayton reveal what happened between Iceland and today

Clayton & Susie
Clayton and Susie talk about how they got back together. Pic credit: ABC

Last night, on Part 2 of The Bachelor season finale, Bachelor Nation fans and alums watched as Clayton broke up with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia simultaneously and then went to try to rekindle his relationship with Susie Evans.

After a discussion with his parents, Clayton realized he couldn’t move forward without talking first to Susie to try to win her back. Therefore, Clayton made his move.

When Clayton and Susie came out together during the After The Final Rose, seemingly a couple, fans gasped in surprise. The duo made the announcement that they are officially dating and back together.

How did Clayton Echard and Susie Evans leave things in Iceland?

When the two joined co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, they shared their story of how things changed from Iceland until now.

In Iceland, Susie had told Clayton that she had to leave for herself and that she didn’t think Clayton was her person, and she didn’t think she was his. However, Susie clearly changed her mind, and not too long after Iceland actually.

Who reached out first after leaving Iceland?

While on the podcast, Susie revealed that she was the first one to reach out between the two of them…and it was shortly after they left Iceland. In fact, it was as soon as Susie got her phone back.

Susie stated that as soon as production handed her the phone, she called her parents and then “slid into Clayton’s DMs. She went on to say, “I knew in my heart leaving Iceland that this wasn’t over for me. To be quite honest, I was freaked out about everything. I didn’t know the capacity in which I wanted Clayton in my life.”

She also claimed that the two didn’t get enough time to talk things out after the whole debacle during the overnight dates. Susie wanted to have more time with Clayton and needed that to prove to herself that she truly wanted the relationship.

Since that time, and letting Clayton go to make sure she was really who he wanted, she received the clarity that she needed by taking those steps back. Susie declared, “Now I feel like I really know who Clayton is and I feel comfortable. I was the one to ask him to be my boyfriend!”

What did Clayton think when he saw Susie’s name in his DMs?

Clayton was actually skeptical when he saw Susie’s name and message in his DMs. He thought it was a fake account/person until he researched and realized it was, indeed, Susie.

From there, the two talked…a lot. They would fall asleep at night after talking for hours, and then they finally made the plan to try to meet up. Clayton wanted to put a title to their relationship, so they found a weekend and met up. Basically, the rest is history and has led them to today.

Now Clayton and Susie are set to move in together in Susie’s hometown of Virginia. Despite still suffering criticism and backlash, Clayton has stated how happy he is that he finally got the girl he loved the most. For the entire episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, click here.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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